Japan's Government-Backed Dating App to Counter Low Birth Rates

Japan's Government-Backed Dating App to Counter Low Birth Rates

Yumi Aoki
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Japan’s Government Promotes Dating Apps to Address Low Birth Rates

In Japan, where low birth rates are a pressing concern, officials are taking proactive measures to address the issue. The Tokyo Metropolitan Government is set to launch a government-backed dating app this year, following the success of the "Tokyo Futari Story" test program. This initiative utilizes artificial intelligence to match potential partners, aiming to encourage serious relationships and marriage.

Participants are required to submit detailed personal documents, including proof of single status and income, and undergo a diagnostic test to ensure compatibility based on their values and partner preferences. Moreover, users must commit to seeking marriage seriously, enhancing the credibility of the platform. The government has invested a significant amount of $1.28 million in this endeavor.

Collaborations between local dating app giant Tapple and several local governments are also underway to support marriage initiatives and address the declining birth rate issue.

Key Takeaways

  • Japanese officials are promoting the use of dating apps to combat record low birth rates.
  • The Tokyo Metropolitan Government plans to launch a government-backed dating app that emphasizes serious relationships.
  • "Tokyo Futari Story" uses AI to match individuals for serious relationships, enhancing the credibility of dating services.
  • Users are required to provide documentation and undergo a diagnostic test, while also committing to marriage seriously.
  • The city has invested $1.28 million to improve credibility in dating app services.


The government's foray into the dating app space is a strategic response to the societal challenge of low birth rates. By leveraging AI for serious matchmaking, this initiative aims to enhance app credibility through stringent user verification and a marriage pledge. This move directly impacts singles, potentially altering their relationship dynamics and marriage rates. Moreover, it indirectly affects local dating app companies like Tapple, necessitating adaptation to compete in this evolving landscape. Short-term expectations include increased user engagement and possibly higher marriage rates. Long-term success could potentially reverse the birth rate decline, influencing demographic and economic trends, as well as financial instruments tied to consumer tech and demographics.

Did You Know?

  • Tokyo Futari Story: A test program by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government that employs artificial intelligence to match individuals for serious relationships. It requires detailed personal documentation and a diagnostic test to align matches based on values and preferences, aiming to enhance the credibility of dating services.
  • Tapple: A local dating app giant in Japan that is collaborating with several local governments to support marriage initiatives and address the issue of declining birth rates. This collaboration underscores the app's significant market presence and its role in societal issues.
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) Matching: In the context of "Tokyo Futari Story," AI is used to analyze user data such as values, preferences, and personal backgrounds to create more accurate and meaningful matches for users looking for serious relationships leading to marriage. This technology is pivotal in enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of matchmaking in dating apps.

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