JW Marriott Chicago Hits Market with $228M Appraisal Value

JW Marriott Chicago Hits Market with $228M Appraisal Value

Marcela Fernandez
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JW Marriott Chicago Listed for Sale at an Appraisal Value of $228 Million

Rialto Capital has put the 610-room JW Marriott Chicago on the market, with an appraisal value of $228 million. This move comes after the hotel faced foreclosure in 2021 due to a loan default by its previous owner, Estein USA. The sale could set a high price per room, potentially the highest in Chicago in over two years.

Chicago's hotel industry is on the upswing, with record revenues and increased room demand, fueled by major summer events like NASCAR and Lollapalooza. Last year, hotel revenue hit a record $1.12 billion in the first half, up 24% from 2022. However, the hotel market faces challenges due to high interest rates and tight lending standards, which led to a 60% drop in hotel sales in the Chicago area last year.

Despite these challenges, the JW Marriott Chicago has seen significant investment and renovation efforts. Estein USA had spent $15 million on room renovations before foreclosure, and Rialto Capital added $5 million for ballroom and event space upgrades. The hotel's location in the Loop, near significant developments like Google's new Midwest headquarters, adds to its appeal.

Key Takeaways

  • JW Marriott Chicago listed for sale at $228 million, potentially setting a high price per room.
  • Chicago's hotel industry sees record revenues and increased room demand due to major summer events.
  • High interest rates and tight lending standards pose challenges for hotel sales.
  • JW Marriott Chicago underwent $20 million in renovations, enhancing its appeal and potential revenue.
  • The sale reflects broader market trends of restructuring financial frameworks amid recovery from the pandemic.


Rialto Capital's sale of JW Marriott Chicago, valued at $228 million, underscores the resilience of prime real estate amidst market volatility. The hotel's strategic location and recent $20 million renovations position it favorably, despite industry-wide challenges from high interest rates and tightened lending. This sale could catalyze further investment in Chicago's hospitality sector, benefiting developers and investors seeking value-add opportunities. Long-term, the transaction may stabilize hotel valuations and attract more equity into distressed properties, aiding recovery in the post-pandemic market.

Did You Know?

  • Foreclosure:
    • Foreclosure is the legal process by which a lender seizes and sells a property due to the owner's failure to comply with the mortgage terms, such as not making loan payments. In the case of JW Marriott Chicago, it faced foreclosure in 2021 due to a loan default by its previous owner, Estein USA.
  • Appraisal Value:
    • Appraisal value is an estimate of a property's worth, determined by a professional appraiser, often used to set the sale price or to assess collateral for loans. The JW Marriott Chicago has an appraisal value of $228 million, which is considered in setting the market price for its sale.
  • Financial Restructuring:
    • Financial restructuring involves altering the financial structure of a company or investment, often to improve its financial health or to adapt to market conditions. The mention of 1907 Capital and Crestline Investors' $35 million investment to save a historic hotel in the Loop indicates a financial restructuring effort to restore property value and ensure financial stability amid market recovery from the pandemic.

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