Keith Gill Makes Headlines again with Chewy Stake

Keith Gill Makes Headlines again with Chewy Stake

Hikaru Tanaka
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The Impact of Keith Gill's Investments on Chewy and GameStop

Keith Gill, popularly known as Roaring Kitty, has grabbed attention once again with his significant investment in Chewy, an e-commerce giant in the pet food industry. Gill, renowned for his advocacy of GameStop, acquired over 9 million shares, transforming him into the third-largest shareholder in Chewy. This move initially drove Chewy's stock up by 9%, only to decrease by 6.6% by the end of the day. Notably, Gill's SEC filing contained a witty disclaimer about not being a cat, a nod to his previous congressional hearings.

Chewy's stock witnessed volatility previously when Gill posted a cartoon dog resembling the company's logo on social media, causing a momentary surge. Notably, GameStop, in which Gill also holds a substantial stake, experienced a 5% drop following the news of his Chewy investment.

Key Takeaways

  • Keith Gill, also known as Roaring Kitty, acquired a 6.6% stake in Chewy, valued at over $245 million.
  • Chewy's stock initially rose by 9%, then declined by 6.6% following Gill's investment.
  • Gill's involvement in Chewy follows his substantial stake in GameStop, where he is widely recognized as an advocate.
  • GameStop CEO Ryan Cohen, the former CEO of Chewy, is driving GameStop's shift towards e-commerce.
  • Gill encountered legal challenges but recently had a securities fraud lawsuit dismissed.


Keith Gill's formidable investment in Chewy, subsequent to his influential role in GameStop's surge, underscores his impact on meme stocks. This move has direct implications for Chewy's stock volatility and indirectly influences GameStop, given Ryan Cohen's leadership in both organizations. Despite the dismissal of his past legal issues, ongoing scrutiny looms. Short-term effects encompass market fluctuations and investor responses, while long-term consequences hinge on Gill's continuous market influence and Chewy's strategic direction under Cohen's e-commerce vision.

Did You Know?

  • Keith Gill, aka Roaring Kitty: Keith Gill, recognized as Roaring Kitty online, is a former financial educator and marketer who gained considerable attention during the GameStop stock surge in 2021. He became a prominent figure in the "meme stock" movement, where retail investors, organized on platforms such as Reddit, drove up the stock prices of heavily shorted companies. Gill's advocacy for GameStop led to a massive short squeeze, significantly impacting the stock market and drawing regulatory attention.
  • Meme Stocks: Meme stocks are stocks that gain traction among retail investors through social media platforms, often resulting in substantial and at times irrational price fluctuations. These stocks are typically characterized by robust online communities and the collective buying or selling actions of retail investors, which can defy traditional market fundamentals. The term "meme stock" became prominent during the GameStop saga, where social media buzz led to unprecedented stock price surges.
  • Short Squeeze: A short squeeze occurs when a stock's price rapidly rises, compelling short sellers to purchase the stock to cover their positions and minimize losses. This buying pressure further propels the stock's price, creating a cycle that can lead to extreme volatility. The GameStop saga exemplifies a short squeeze, where the stock's price surged due to coordinated buying by retail investors, resulting in significant losses for hedge funds that had shorted the stock.

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