Kenyan Government Proposes Withholding Tax on Infrastructure Bonds

Kenyan Government Proposes Withholding Tax on Infrastructure Bonds

Aisha Kamau
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Kenyan Government Proposes Withholding Tax on Infrastructure Bonds

In a recent proposal, the Kenyan government aims to implement a 15% withholding tax on interest from infrastructure bonds for foreign investors, with domestic investors facing a 5% withholding tax. This move is part of the Finance Bill 2.

Key Takeaways

  • Kenya proposes a 15% withholding tax on infrastructure bond interest for foreign investors and 5% for domestic investors.
  • The potential impact includes reduced foreign currency inflows and a shift in investment acceptance.
  • Pressure from the IMF to increase revenue through tax reforms has led to skepticism and unpopularity among Kenyans.


The proposed tax could deter foreign investors, potentially decreasing foreign currency inflows. Domestic investors may still find the bonds attractive, but the overall demand may decrease. The IMF-backed tax reforms are aimed at boosting revenue, but their success depends on implementation and reduced corruption.

Did You Know?

  • Infrastructure bonds: These are debt securities used to finance infrastructure projects.
  • Withholding tax: It is imposed on income payments to prevent tax evasion and ensure government revenue.
  • International Monetary Fund (IMF) pressure: The IMF recommends policy changes to improve economic performance.

The proposed tax change on infrastructure bonds in Kenya holds implications for both local and foreign investors, as well as the nation's economic stability and performance.

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