Labour Chair Urges Significant Funding for English Councils

Yasmin Patel
1 min read

The Labour chair of the House of Commons levelling-up select committee has urged Sir Keir Starmer to provide significant financial support to English councils to prevent multiple councils from going bankrupt if he wins the next election. The financial strain on councils has resulted from various factors such as increasing costs, rising demand for services like social care, and reductions in central government grants. The current Conservative government has pledged extra funding for local authorities, primarily to address the escalating cost of social care. Despite Starmer’s plan for longer-term financial settlements for councils, it remains imperative to address the immediate financial challenges faced by local authorities, as warned by Clive Betts, the Labour MP for Sheffield South East. With over 40 councils facing potential bankruptcy, the financial shortfall is estimated at £4bn over the next two years, leading to the reduction of essential services. The Labour party’s stance on fiscal probity and minimal tax and spend commitments have raised concerns about its ability to provide the necessary financial support. However, the situation calls for proactive measures, considering the impact of funding shortfalls on essential services. Additionally, with austerity measures since 2010 affecting funding for councils, the need for additional funding becomes increasingly urgent. The challenge remains for Labour to navigate fiscal constraints while ensuring that councils can effectively plan ahead and execute vital projects. Ultimately, the issue at hand underscores the critical need for a thorough and practical approach towards addressing the financial crisis faced by English councils.

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