UK Labour Party Avoids Crypto Discussion in Election Campaign

UK Labour Party Avoids Crypto Discussion in Election Campaign

Nikolai Petrovich Volkov
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UK Election Prepares While Crypto Remains Unsettled

As the U.K. gears up for an election, the focus on cryptocurrency in the campaign remains notably absent, with the leading Labour Party, polling at 42%, steering clear of the topic. In contrast, the Conservative Party has previously made efforts to regulate and endorse crypto, yet neither party's manifesto directly addresses cryptocurrency. The Labour Party's manifesto briefly touches on aspirations to establish the U.K. as a tokenization hub and support a digital pound without specific crypto policies.

Regulatory efforts led by entities such as the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) have established crucial groundwork, expected to persist regardless of the election outcome, according to Jordan Wain of Chainalysis. The previous Conservative government had advocated for the U.K. to become a crypto hub, and there is an expectation for this legislation to endure under a potential Labour government.

Key Takeaways

  • Despite leading in polls, the Labour Party remains silent on crypto matters.
  • None of the major UK party manifestos explicitly address cryptocurrency.
  • The industry hopes that the existing FCA regulatory efforts will continue post-election.
  • While the Conservatives previously pushed for the UK to be a crypto hub, Labour's stance remains unclear.
  • The call for comprehensive crypto regulations persists to bolster industry growth.


The lack of political discourse on crypto in the U.K. may delay regulatory clarity, impacting investors and firms such as KR1 and Coincover. A potential Labour victory could sustain the FCA's anti-money laundering efforts but lacks clear support, posing a risk of stalling industry growth and job creation, despite the previous efforts by the Conservatives to position the U.K. as a crypto hub. Market uncertainty may rise in the short-term, emphasizing the significance of long-term comprehensive regulations for industry stability and innovation.

Did You Know?

  • Tokenization:
    • It involves converting rights to an asset into a digital token on a blockchain, enhancing tradability and divisibility for various assets such as real estate and art.
    • The Labour Party's ambition to establish the U.K. as a tokenization hub reflects an inclination to leverage blockchain technology for enhanced asset liquidity and financial innovation.
  • Digital Pound:
    • A digital version of the British pound sterling, regulated by the Bank of England, combining the stability of traditional fiat currency with the technological advantages of digital currencies.
    • Labour's support for a digital pound indicates an interest in modernizing the U.K.'s financial infrastructure to align with global digital currency trends.
  • Financial Conduct Authority (FCA):
    • The U.K.'s financial regulatory body overseeing aspects of the financial industry and instrumental in establishing registration regimes and promotion rules to ensure ethical operations for crypto businesses.

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