Foreclosure Woes: Legal Battle Over Pacific Palisades Property

Foreclosure Woes: Legal Battle Over Pacific Palisades Property

Elena Delgado
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In the upscale Pacific Palisades neighborhood, an intense legal dispute has unfolded between VIG Private Lending and developer Ilan Kenig. The controversy stems from Kenig's alleged refusal to vacate a property following its foreclosure, sparking a $10 million lawsuit and complicating the property's sale.

Key Takeaways

  • VIG Private Lending is pursuing a $10 million claim against Ilan Kenig for occupying a foreclosed property.
  • The 7,600-square-foot property, originally acquired for $627,400, is now listed for $9 million.
  • Kenig's involvement in multiple bankruptcies and legal battles is impacting the market value of his developments.
  • VIG's efforts to repair and sell the property are hindered by the Kenigs' refusal to vacate, highlighting financial and legal risks in real estate.


The legal dispute between VIG Private Lending and Ilan Kenig underscores the intricate financial and legal risks inherent in the real estate realm. Kenig's reluctance to relinquish the property impedes renovation and potential financial gains for VIG, potentially dissuading investments in distressed assets. Moreover, Kenig's ongoing legal and financial challenges may tarnish his reputation, exerting a dampening effect on future development endeavors.

Did You Know?

  • VIG Private Lending: Specializes in providing loans for property acquisitions, primarily in foreclosure scenarios, aiming to sell distressed properties for substantial profits after necessary repairs.
  • Foreclosure: Involves a lender repossessing a property due to the owner's failure to make mortgage payments, enabling the lender to recover debt through a property sale or ownership transfer.
  • Squatting: Ilan Kenig's accused action of unlawfully occupying a foreclosed property, constitutes a serious legal offense.

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