Libattion Secures €14M to Advance Sustainable Energy Storage

Libattion Secures €14M to Advance Sustainable Energy Storage

Rosalía Sánchez
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Libattion Raises €14 Million for Sustainable Battery Solutions

Libattion, a Swiss company, has secured €14 million in funding to advance its sustainable energy storage solutions using upcycled electric vehicle (EV) batteries. The company's "e-Racks" offer a range of capacities from 97 kWh to 60 MWh, providing energy flexibility services such as frequency control and peak demand reduction. These systems are well-suited for supporting critical infrastructure and hybridizing renewable energy assets to store surplus energy. Libattion's unique algorithms and power control systems enhance the lifespan of upcycled batteries, matching the performance of new batteries. CEO Stefan Bahamonde stresses the company's dedication to revolutionizing battery management for a more sustainable future. The funding round was led by A&G Energy Transition Tech Fund, with partners including Teknia, HCapital New Ideas II, and EBL. Juan Diego Bernal of A&G Energy Transition Tech Fund views Libattion as a potential European benchmark, addressing both waste from electric vehicle batteries and the need for efficient stationary energy storage.

Key Takeaways

  • Libattion secures €14 million for sustainable battery solutions.
  • Company uses upcycled EV batteries for stationary energy storage.
  • "e-Racks" offer capacities from 97 kWh to 60 MWh.
  • Systems support critical infrastructure and renewable energy storage.
  • Unique algorithms extend battery life, matching new battery performance.


The €14 million funding secured by Libattion signifies a shift towards sustainable energy storage through the utilization of upcycled EV batteries. This development tackles the dual challenge of EV battery waste and the demand for efficient energy storage, significantly impacting the renewable energy sector and critical infrastructure. Led by A&G Energy Transition Tech Fund, the investment positions Libattion as a potential European leader in this specialized market. In the short term, the funding will expedite product deployment, strengthening grid stability and renewable integration. In the long run, it could establish a precedent for sustainable battery management, influencing policy and investment trends in the energy sector.

Did You Know?

  • Upcycling Electric Vehicle Batteries: The process of upcycling involves converting waste materials or products into new materials or products of better quality or environmental value. In the context of electric vehicle (EV) batteries, upcycling entails repurposing used batteries that are no longer suitable for use in vehicles due to reduced capacity or performance, but can still be utilized for less demanding applications such as stationary energy storage.
  • Energy Flexibility Services: These services involve the ability to adjust the generation, consumption, or distribution of electricity in response to changes in grid conditions. Services like frequency control and peak demand reduction are crucial for maintaining grid stability and efficiency. Frequency control ensures that the grid's frequency remains within acceptable limits, while peak demand reduction assists in managing the grid during times of high electricity demand.
  • Hybridizing Renewable Energy Assets: This refers to the integration of renewable energy sources, like wind or solar, with energy storage systems, such as batteries. Hybridizing allows for the storage of surplus energy produced during periods of low demand or high generation, and its release during periods of high demand or low generation. This approach enhances the reliability and efficiency of renewable energy systems by mitigating their intermittent nature.

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