Lithuanian Startup Spike Raises $3.5M in Seed Round

Lithuanian Startup Spike Raises $3.5M in Seed Round

Antonella Rossi
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Lithuanian Startup Spike Raises $3.5 Million to Expand AI Solutions for Healthcare

Lithuanian startup Spike has successfully raised $3.5 million in an oversubscribed seed round. The funding, co-led by Practica Capital and TheVentureCity, aims to enhance healthcare and digital health businesses' ability to integrate AI into their operations safely and compliantly. Spike's non-diagnostic RAG AI products are designed to assist various health professionals by analyzing data from wearable devices and other health tech tools. The company's platform aggregates high-quality health data from over 300 sources, serving clients including insurer Seguros SURA and fitness apps Longevo and FITTR. With this investment, Spike plans to expand into diverse medical data types and devices, enhancing their AI capabilities to better serve millions of end users.

Key Takeaways

  • Lithuanian startup Spike raises $3.5 million in oversubscribed seed funding.
  • Spike aims to enable healthcare businesses to integrate AI safely and compliantly.
  • The healthcare industry generates 30% of the world's data volume, driven by IoT and wearable devices.
  • Spike offers non-diagnostic RAG AI products through SDKs, aiding professionals like personal trainers and dietitians.
  • The new funding will expand Spike's support for medical and IoT data aggregation from over 600 devices.


The $3.5 million seed funding secured by Lithuanian startup Spike underscores the increasing demand for AI integration in the healthcare sector. This influx of capital is expected to accelerate Spike's expansion into various medical data sources and devices, thereby enhancing its AI capabilities. Immediate impacts include improved data analysis for healthcare professionals and expanded services for clients like Seguros SURA and fitness apps. Furthermore, this funding could potentially lead to more personalized healthcare, influencing insurance models and the development of fitness apps. The success of Spike also signals a positive investment trend in health tech, which may attract additional venture capital interest in the sector.

Did You Know?

  • RAG AI Products: RAG (Retrieval-Augmented Generation) AI products combine information retrieval with generative models to enhance the AI's ability to access and utilize vast amounts of data. This approach improves the accuracy and relevance of AI outputs, especially in complex fields like healthcare where diverse and voluminous data sources are prevalent.
  • SDKs (Software Development Kits): SDKs are sets of software development tools that enable the creation of applications for a specific platform. In the context of Spike's AI solutions, SDKs allow healthcare and fitness professionals to integrate AI capabilities directly into their existing tools or applications, facilitating more efficient data analysis and personalized recommendations for end-users.
  • Practica Capital and TheVentureCity: Practica Capital, based in Lithuania, focuses on early-stage startups in the Baltic region, providing financial capital, strategic guidance, and operational support. TheVentureCity is an international venture acceleration fund and ecosystem that assists diverse founders in achieving global impact. Both firms specialize in supporting startups to scale and navigate complex markets.

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