Lufthansa's €325M Investment in Italy's ITA Airways Approved by EU

Lufthansa's €325M Investment in Italy's ITA Airways Approved by EU

Elena Rossi
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Lufthansa's €325 Million Investment in ITA Airways Receives EU Approval

In a significant development for Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni's privatization efforts, Deutsche Lufthansa AG has obtained EU approval for its €325 million investment in Italy’s ITA Airways. The approval comes with conditions aimed at upholding fair competition on crucial routes from Italy to Europe and North America. Lufthansa's initial acquisition of 41% of ITA, with an option to purchase the remaining shares later, marks a pivotal move in relieving the state's burden concerning the airline. This decision not only ends months of uncertainty but also aligns with Meloni’s ambitious €20 billion privatization target, signaling a resolution to the longstanding Alitalia saga.

Key Takeaways

  • Lufthansa's investment in ITA Airways receives EU approval.
  • The deal aims to maintain fair competition and prevent additional financial strain on Italian taxpayers.
  • Lufthansa must offer concessions to uphold competition on specific routes.
  • The enduring significance of Italy's efforts to privatize state-owned assets is evident in this deal.
  • The final approval is contingent on the European Commission's evaluation of selected airlines.


Lufthansa's involvement in ITA Airways has far-reaching implications, from reshaping European aviation to influencing market competitors and taxpayer burden. While Lufthansa stands to gain strategic routes in the short term, the deal poses challenges for rivals adapting to the evolving market landscape. Furthermore, the collaboration could potentially lead to operational efficiencies and expanded market reach, subject to ensuring fair competition as mandated by the EU.

Did You Know?

  • Privatization Target: Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni aims to reduce state ownership in various sectors, including airlines, by selling state-owned assets to private entities. The €20 billion privatization target reflects the substantial financial value intended to be generated through these sales, potentially easing public debt and supporting other government priorities.
  • Slots at Milan Linate Airport: These slots denote specific time periods allocated for an airline's takeoff or landing at an airport. Lufthansa's commitment to transferring slots at Milan Linate airport, as part of the concessions, facilitates the operation of other airlines on select European routes, thereby upholding competition and averting the dominance of a single airline in the market.
  • Alitalia Saga: This term encapsulates the prolonged financial and operational challenges faced by Alitalia, Italy's former national airline. The saga signifies the broader issues surrounding state-owned enterprises in Italy and the complexities involved in their privatization or restructuring.

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