Macrogenics' Stock Plummets 77.4%

Macrogenics' Stock Plummets 77.4%

Zara Patel
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Macrogenics' Stock Plummets by 77.4% as 5 Patient Deaths Reported in Cancer Drug Study

Macrogenics' stock suffered a steep decline of 77.4% on Friday, resulting in a loss of $773.2 million in market value. This downturn followed the company's disclosure of five patient deaths in a study of its cancer drug, vobra duo. Although two of the deaths were deemed unrelated to the drug, the remaining three are still being investigated. Scott Koenig, the CEO of Macrogenics, admitted that the link between the drug and the three deaths has yet to be established. TD Cowen analysts downgraded the stock to "hold" due to concerns about the drug's safety profile. Additionally, Leerink Partners characterized the recent update as one of the "worst case scenarios" for the vobra duo trial.

Key Takeaways

  • Macrogenics' stock plummeted by 77.4% on Friday, wiping out $773.2 million in market value.
  • A study of Macrogenics' cancer drug, vobra duo, reported five patient deaths, with three still under investigation.
  • TD Cowen downgraded Macrogenics' stock from "buy" to "hold" due to concerns about vobra duo's safety.
  • Leerink Partners described the update as one of the "worst case scenarios" for the vobra duo trial.


The drastic stock drop of Macrogenics signifies profound safety apprehensions regarding vobra duo, potentially tarnishing its standing and investor confidence in its cancer drug pipeline. This development could influence collaborations with pharmaceutical firms and future financing opportunities. The probe's findings will determine the long-term effects for Macrogenics and the broader domain of cancer drug research. Other biotech companies concentrating on oncology might encounter heightened scrutiny and possible setbacks. Moreover, the FDA might tighten regulations for clinical trials, impacting the entire industry.

Did You Know?

  • Vobra Duo: Macrogenics' experimental cancer drug presently undergoing a clinical trial. The drug, a fusion of two monoclonal antibodies, aims to target and eliminate cancer cells. The recent news of patient deaths in the study has raised concerns about its safety profile.
  • Stock Downgrade: TD Cowen, a prominent investment bank and financial services company, downgraded Macrogenics' stock from "buy" to "hold" after the patient fatalities were reported. This downgrade suggests that TD Cowen analysts are cautious about investing in Macrogenics due to uncertainties surrounding vobra duo's safety and efficacy.
  • Worst Case Scenario: Leerink Partners, a healthcare-focused investment bank, described the recent update on vobra duo as one of the "worst case scenarios" for the drug's trial. This statement implies that the patient deaths and ongoing investigation may significantly impact the drug's development and approval prospects, causing concern among investors.

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