Maingear and Phison's New Pro AI Workstations Cut Costs for SMBs

Maingear and Phison's New Pro AI Workstations Cut Costs for SMBs

Nikolai Petrovich Popov
1 min read

The demand for large-scale AI models has driven the need for more powerful hardware, making model training costly and inaccessible for many SMBs and educational establishments. Maingear's partnership with storage giant Phison has led to the development of a range of Maingear Pro AI workstations, equipped with Intel Xeon W7-3455 CPUs, up to 1TB of DDR5 memory, and up to 4x RTX 5000 Ada or 4x RTX 6000 Ada GPUs. The use of Phison aiDAPTIV+ caching SSDs and software also significantly reduces the cost of LLM development and training. These workstations are designed with off-the-shelf components for easy upgrades and Noctua cooling components to manage heat and reduce noise. Maingear offers three preconfigured systems with varying specifications, catering to different budget ranges. This innovative partnership promises to provide competitive advantages for SMBs, universities, and research facilities in the AI industry at a more affordable investment. With Maingear and Phison's new Pro AI workstations, the accessibility and affordability of AI model training are set to increase, benefiting small businesses and educational institutions worldwide.

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