Manhattan Office Leasing Sees 16% Growth in 2024

Manhattan Office Leasing Sees 16% Growth in 2024

Mikhail Petrov
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Manhattan Office Leasing Sees 16% Increase in 2024, Still Below Pre-Pandemic Levels

Manhattan's office leasing experienced a 16% surge in the first half of 2024. However, it remains significantly lower than pre-pandemic levels. The Plaza District played a dominant role, contributing to over 30% of the leasing volume. Despite the growth, if the current pace persists, leasing will remain about one-third lower than in 2019. Franklin Wallach, a representative from Colliers, highlighted that tenant demand hasn't consistently outpaced supply in Manhattan. The flex office sector leased nearly half a million square feet, marking its highest quarterly volume since 2019. Notable lease extensions and deals included Bloomberg's extension at 731 Lexington Avenue, Industrious leasing 240,000 square feet at 12 East 49th Street, and Bain & Company leasing 235,000 square feet at 22 Vanderbilt. Moreover, Midtown's Park Avenue and Madison Avenue are performing better, demonstrating lower availability rates, while the Financial District exhibits the highest at 25.4%. Wallach emphasized that the market's performance varies significantly by building and street.

Key Takeaways

  • Manhattan office leasing increases by 16% year-over-year.
  • The Plaza District accounts for over 30% of leasing volume.
  • Leasing volume remains one-third below 2019 levels.
  • The flex office industry achieves its highest quarterly volume since 2019.
  • Varied performance in Midtown corridors, with certain areas showing significant improvement.


The surge in Manhattan office leasing, notably in the Plaza District, reflects a cautious recovery following the pandemic. Despite the 16% increase, overall leasing remains restrained, signaling a lingering reluctance among tenants. The strong performance of the flex office sector, highlighted by major deals like Bloomberg's extension, underscores a shift towards more adaptable workspace solutions. This trend could exert pressure on traditional office spaces, especially in areas with high availability rates like the Financial District. In the short term, landlords and businesses in prime locations like Midtown may benefit, but long-term sustainability hinges on adapting to evolving tenant preferences and economic conditions.

Did You Know?

  • Plaza District: The Plaza District, situated in Midtown Manhattan, is renowned for its high concentration of office buildings, particularly catering to the financial and legal sectors. It stands as a key business hub in New York City, distinguished for its prestige and high rental rates.
  • Flex Office Sector: The flex office sector offers greater flexibility in terms of lease terms, space customization, and usage options compared to traditional office leases. This segment has gained popularity due to the evolving work dynamics post-pandemic, accommodating the need for shorter leases and more adaptable workspaces.
  • Availability Rates: Availability rates in real estate indicate the percentage of total commercial space currently vacant and available for lease or sale. This metric is crucial for comprehending the supply and demand dynamics within a specific real estate market, such as office spaces in Manhattan.

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