Massive Bio Expands Oncology Trial Partnership in Latin America

Massive Bio Expands Oncology Trial Partnership in Latin America

Sofia Montero
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Massive Bio Expands Partnership to Enhance Oncology Trial Access in Latin America

Massive Bio, a US-based oncology software company, has extended its collaboration with Un Ensayo Para Mi (UEPM), a clinical trial search platform, to improve access to oncology clinical trials in nine Latin American countries. By leveraging Massive Bio's AI technology, the partnership aims to streamline patient matching and reduce the time and effort required for trial enrollment. This initiative is expected to enhance the availability of clinical trials and patient care across regions, including Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, and Argentina, while bridging the gap between new treatments and patients. It ensures that more patients in Latin America have access to cutting-edge therapies.

Key Takeaways

  • Massive Bio and UEPM expand their partnership to improve oncology trial access in nine Latin American countries.
  • AI technologies will be utilized across Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, and Argentina to enhance the availability of clinical trials.
  • Massive Bio's AI optimizes trial enrollment by streamlining patient matching, reducing time and effort.
  • The partnership aims to narrow the gap between new cancer treatments and patients in need.
  • UEPM's platform, empowered by Massive Bio's AI, seeks to provide more precise and timely trial matches for cancer patients.


The expansion of Massive Bio's partnership with UEPM employs AI to expedite patient matching for oncology trials in Latin America, addressing the critical gap in access to advanced treatments. This collaboration benefits patients directly by reducing trial enrollment times and indirectly aids pharmaceutical companies by enhancing trial efficiency. In the short term, it accelerates therapy development, while in the long term, it could standardize care and reduce regional disparities. Financial implications include potential growth in healthcare investments and increased market penetration for AI in healthcare. This strategic move positions both companies at the forefront of innovation in oncology care delivery.

Did You Know?

  • Massive Bio: A US-based oncology software company leveraging artificial intelligence to connect cancer patients with optimal clinical trials, focusing on streamlining the patient matching process and enhancing trial enrollment efficiency.
  • Un Ensayo Para Mi (UEPM): A clinical trial search platform designed to facilitate access to clinical trials for patients. By partnering with Massive Bio, UEPM aims to improve its capabilities in matching patients with relevant oncology trials across Latin America.
  • Oncology Clinical Trials: Research studies that explore the safety and effectiveness of medical strategies, treatments, or devices for humans, often focusing on cancer treatments and therapies.

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