Former Chicago Bears Player Matt Forte Relists Luxurious River North Mansion for $4.75M

Former Chicago Bears Player Matt Forte Relists Luxurious River North Mansion for $4.75M

Adriana Lopez
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Matt Forte Relists Luxurious River North Mansion for $4.75 Million

Former Chicago Bears player, Matt Forte, has re-entered the River North real estate market by relisting his opulent 10,000-square-foot mansion for a price tag of $4.75 million. The property, featuring five bedrooms, seven baths, and an indoor pool, is positioned on a generous corner lot within Kingsbury Estates. This decision comes with a crucial shift in representation as Forte has chosen Emily Sachs Wong of @properties as his new broker. Notably, Forte originally acquired the residence in 2014 for over $4 million and has since implemented substantial upgrades. Considering the current market conditions, with high-end properties experiencing demand surges and significant price modifications, the importance of shrewd marketing strategies and expert broker support in Chicago's luxury real estate arena is underscored.

Key Takeaways

  • Matt Forte, former Chicago Bears player, has listed his River North mansion for $4.75 million, with Emily Sachs Wong as the new broker.
  • The 10,000-square-foot property boasts five bedrooms, seven baths, and an indoor pool on an expansive corner lot within Kingsbury Estates.
  • Forte initially purchased the home for over $4 million in 2014 and has since carried out substantial improvements.
  • The River North real estate market is witnessing fluctuations, with a recent example of a luxury condo experiencing a 28% price drop.
  • The change in brokers for Forte accentuates the competitive nature of Chicago's luxury real estate market, emphasizing the significance of innovative marketing and broker expertise.


The decision to relist Matt Forte's mansion encapsulates the dynamic landscape of the luxury real estate market in Chicago, wherein the interplay of soaring demand and price variability is apparent. The transition to a new broker, Emily Sachs Wong, underscores the strategic requirement for adept representation in navigating market undulations. This alteration has the potential to bolster the property's visibility and expedite its sale, translating to financial gains for Forte. Nonetheless, the capricious nature of the market could lead to further price adjustments, impacting sellers and buyers in the high-end sector alike. Looking ahead, these market adaptations may catalyze a redefinition of strategies within luxury property sales, shining a spotlight on the critical roles of innovative marketing and broker proficiency.

Did You Know?

  • River North: This Chicago neighborhood is renowned for its upscale residential offerings and vibrant nightlife, drawing in affluent buyers and frequently setting benchmarks in luxury real estate.
  • Emily Sachs Wong: A distinguished real estate broker specializing in Chicago's luxury properties, acclaimed for her strategic marketing and negotiation acumen in the fiercely competitive high-end market.
  • Kingsbury Estates: This prestigious residential district within River North is characterized by expansive lots and stately homes, often associated with elevated property values and exclusivity.

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