McDonald's Ends McPlant Burger Experiment

McDonald's Ends McPlant Burger Experiment

Nikolai Petrovich Kuznetsov
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McDonald's Shifts Focus from Plant-Based Burgers to Chicken Products

McDonald's has made the decision to discontinue its experiment with plant-based burgers, such as the McPlant, as a result of poor sales. Despite a partnership with Beyond Meat, the plant-based offering failed to resonate with consumers in markets such as San Francisco and Dallas. Instead, the fast-food giant is redirecting its attention to its chicken products, which are now bringing in as much revenue as its beef burgers, totaling approximately $25 billion annually. In addition, McDonald's is set to reintroduce the beloved McRib sandwich later this year, a move that is expected to delight its loyal fan base. The company has observed success with its chicken offerings, including McNuggets and McCrispy sandwiches, and intends to further invest in this segment to meet the growing demand for chicken-based meals.

Key Takeaways

  • McDonald's discontinues the plant-based McPlant burger experiment due to low sales.
  • The company plans to reintroduce the popular McRib sandwich later this year.
  • McDonald's generates as much revenue from chicken products as from beef burgers, totaling $25 billion annually.
  • The focus is on expanding the chicken segment to cater to increasing consumer demand.


McDonald's shift from plant-based to chicken products reflects shifting consumer preferences. The failure of the McPlant despite the partnership with Beyond Meat highlights consumer resistance to plant-based alternatives in the fast-food sector. This move is expected to benefit poultry suppliers and could potentially affect Beyond Meat's revenue. McDonald's strategy to capitalize on the popularity of chicken products and reintroduce the McRib is aimed at boosting sales and fostering customer loyalty. In the short term, this shift may stabilize revenue, while in the long term, it positions McDonald's as a frontrunner in chicken-centric fast food, potentially influencing industry trends towards poultry dominance.

Did You Know?

  • Plant-Based Burgers: These are meatless alternatives primarily made from plant proteins such as soy, peas, or wheat, designed to mimic the taste and texture of traditional meat burgers.
  • Beyond Meat: It is known for producing plant-based meat substitutes that closely resemble the taste, texture, and cooking experience of animal meat.
  • McRib: This barbecue pork sandwich offered by McDonald's is known for its sporadic availability, often returning to menus for limited-time promotions, cultivating a dedicated fan base and generating buzz around its releases.

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