Media Industry Innovation: News-Powered Hedge Fund Raises $100mn

Alessio Bianchi
1 min read

In a fresh approach to funding investigative reporting, a US hedge fund has raised $100mn to make trades based on articles from its affiliated newsroom. This innovative model aims to pair investigative journalism with a long-short hedge fund, with the fund placing trades based on scoops uncovered by reporters at the newsroom. The companies share key officers and are separated by a layer of compliance, ensuring that the trades are based only on publicly available information. The newsroom, Hunterbrook Media, plans to focus on investigative work and foreign reporting, funding its journalism with fees from the hedge fund rather than advertising or subscriptions. The novel business model aims to profit from impactful reporting and reinvest in further journalism. While the strategy has potential compliance risks and conflicts of interest, the initiative represents an innovative effort to support journalism in a challenging media landscape.

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