Miami's 701 Brickell Office Tower Listing for Over $500 Million Sparks Real Estate Boom

Miami's 701 Brickell Office Tower Listing for Over $500 Million Sparks Real Estate Boom

Elena Ramos
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Miami's Brickell Office Tower Listed for Over $500M by Nuveen Real Estate

A notable event in Miami's real estate market has been the recent listing of the 701 Brickell office tower by Nuveen Real Estate for over $500 million. This listing highlights the thriving real estate activities in the Brickell Financial District, attracting business relocations and high-value deals such as Ken Griffin's record-breaking land purchase. The strategic location, high tenant demand, and impressive valuations make Brickell an attractive destination for investors and businesses seeking to tap into a thriving business ecosystem.

Key Takeaways

  • Nuveen lists 701 Brickell office tower in Miami for over $500M, with 90%+ occupancy.
  • Brickell Financial District sees active market transactions, business migration, and high-value real estate deals.
  • Miami's office market remains resilient amidst challenges, with record-breaking asking prices in Brickell.
  • Renovated and strategically located office properties in Miami perform well, despite changing work patterns.
  • Brickell's transformation into a finance and tech hub presents investment opportunities and strategic advantages for businesses.


The listing of the 701 Brickell office tower in Miami for over $500 million indicates a robust and attractive market for real estate investors. Miami's office sector thrives on increased business relocation and high-value deals, highlighting the city's growing reputation as a finance and tech hub. This news may put pressure on other major U.S. cities to improve their business ecosystems or risk losing investments and businesses. In the short term, the Brickell Financial District will likely see more real estate transactions and increased economic growth. Long term, Miami's success in attracting businesses and investment might lead to a shift in the focus from traditional office markets.

Did You Know?

  • Nuveen Real Estate: A leading global real estate investment manager managing approximately $135 billion of assets as of 2021. They are a subsidiary of TIAA, a Fortune 100 financial services organization. By listing the 701 Brickell office tower, Nuveen seeks to capitalize on Miami's thriving business ecosystem and the property's strong performance.
  • Brickell Financial District: Miami's rapidly growing central business district, known for its high concentration of international banks and financial institutions.
  • 90%+ occupancy and significant rent growth: An important indicator of a thriving real estate market, revealing strong tenant demand and confidence in the location. This trend highlights the appeal of the Brickell Financial District and its potential for continued expansion.

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