Miami-Dade County's Condo Sales Surge

Miami-Dade County's Condo Sales Surge

Enzo Rossi
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Miami-Dade County's Condo Market Booms in April

In April, the condo market in Miami-Dade County experienced a significant surge, recording $849 million in closings and 979 sales, marking an increase from $694 million and 796 sales in March. The median sale price for a condo stood at $435,000, with a corresponding price per square foot of $442. The costliest transaction was the sale of a $25 million penthouse at 57 Ocean in Miami Beach, while the most affordable one was an $82,500 unit in Ro-mont South Green, Miami Gardens. The highest price per square foot reached $4,228 for a unit at Continuum South Beach, as opposed to the lowest price per square foot which was $113 for a unit in Third Forum, Miami. Additionally, the most recent sale occurred at the newly built Orange View Park in Miami from 2024, with the oldest being the 1923-built Palm Garden in Miami Beach.

Key Takeaways

  • Miami-Dade County’s condo sales experienced a substantial upsurge in April, totaling $849 million in closings and 979 sales.
  • The median sale price for condos in April was $435,000, with a median price per square foot of $442.
  • The $25 million penthouse sale at 57 Ocean in Miami Beach was the highest-priced condo sale during the month.
  • On the other end, the most economical sale involved a Ro-mont South Green condo in Miami Gardens, purchased for $82,500.
  • The highest price per square foot, reaching $4,228, was recorded for a unit at Continuum South Beach in Miami Beach.


The remarkable growth in Miami-Dade County's condo sales signals a robust real estate market, driven by escalating demand and increasing property valuations. This growth not only benefits construction companies, real estate agencies, and local authorities by generating substantial revenue but also has wider impacts. Low interest rates, relocations due to the pandemic, and a vigorous economy are direct contributors to this surge. In addition, indirect factors such as international capital influx seeking high-yielding investments also play a role in this growth. Short-term outcomes involve heightened construction activities, job creation, and intensified market competition, while long-term effects may involve potential affordability challenges, increased living costs, and market volatility. Financial instruments like real estate investment trusts (REITs) and mortgage-backed securities (MBS) may witness benefits from this expansion, although with heightened risk exposure.

Did You Know?

  • Condo Sales in Miami-Dade County: Condo sales pertain to the purchase and sale of condominium units, which are a form of housing where individual units are owned while common areas are shared among all unit owners. Miami-Dade County, situated in southeastern Florida, encompasses Miami, the county seat, and numerous other cities and towns. The region is sought after by both residents and investors due to its warm climate, vibrant culture, and appealing real estate market.
  • Price Per Square Foot: Price per square foot serves as a widely used real estate metric to compare property costs. It is calculated by dividing the sales price by the total square footage of the property. In the context of Miami-Dade County's condo sales in April, the median price per square foot stood at $442. This metric facilitates potential buyers in comprehending the property cost on a per-square-foot basis, easing comparisons across different properties and locations.
  • 57 Ocean in Miami Beach: 57 Ocean represents a luxury condominium development in Miami Beach, Florida, notable for its contemporary architecture, upscale amenities, and prime location. The $25 million penthouse sale at this development being the highest-priced condo transaction in April underlines Miami Beach's continued appeal to luxury real estate buyers.

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