Miami Real Estate Market Sees Shift from Rentals to Condos

Miami Real Estate Market Sees Shift from Rentals to Condos

Hernando Ramirez
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Miami Real Estate Market Sees Shift from Rentals to Condos

In downtown Miami, PMG seized an opportunity two years ago to convert a planned rental tower into The Elser Hotel & Residences due to the lack of existing condo inventory and immediate buyer demand. This move is part of a broader trend in South Florida, where developers are increasingly transforming rental projects into condos in response to challenges in the multifamily market, including escalating interest rates and construction costs. For example, Hollywood developer Chip Abele recently repurposed an existing apartment tower into condos, targeting the popular price range of $400,000 to $1.2 million. Similarly, Henry Pino from Alta Development altered plans for a Miami project, citing high interest rates that made multifamily developments less feasible. These conversions are gaining traction as they provide owners with flexibility in short-term rentals, aligning with the growing trend in Miami, where there is a noticeable shortage of newer condos.

Key Takeaways

  • PMG converted a planned rental tower to condos due to high demand and low inventory.
  • Rising interest rates and construction costs make multifamily projects less viable.
  • Short-term rental flexibility is a key feature in many newly converted condo projects.
  • Existing rental buildings from before 2020 are more attractive for conversion due to lower costs.
  • Lenders are increasingly supportive of condo conversions, despite the complex process.


The shift from rental to condo development in Miami, driven by high demand and low inventory, reflects a strategic response to economic pressures. Rising interest rates and construction costs have made multifamily projects less attractive, prompting developers to capitalize on the condo market's resilience. This trend benefits both developers and buyers, offering flexibility in short-term rentals and tapping into a popular price range. Lenders' support for these conversions, despite their complexity, underscores a market adjustment that could continue as long as economic conditions favor condo ownership over rentals. This pivot not only stabilizes developer portfolios but also stimulates local real estate markets, potentially leading to increased property values and economic activity in the area.

Did You Know?

  • PMG (Property Markets Group): A prominent real estate development firm known for its innovative and often large-scale projects in major U.S. cities. PMG focuses on residential, commercial, and hospitality properties, often adapting to market trends and conditions to maximize investment returns.
  • Multifamily Market: Refers to real estate markets primarily focused on properties that include multiple separate housing units within the same building or complex. This market segment includes apartment buildings, townhomes, and other residential properties designed to house multiple families or tenants.
  • Short-term Rentals: A type of rental arrangement where tenants lease properties for a short duration, typically ranging from a few days to a few months. This is often facilitated by platforms like Airbnb and is popular in areas with high tourism or business travel, offering property owners higher flexibility and potentially higher returns compared to long-term rentals.

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