Microbot Medical Expands Robotic System Trials to Baptist Hospital of Miami

Microbot Medical Expands Robotic System Trials to Baptist Hospital of Miami

Luisa Rodriguez
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Microbot Medical Expands Robotic System Trials to Baptist Hospital of Miami

Microbot Medical has chosen Baptist Hospital of Miami as the second location for its pivotal human clinical trial of the Liberty robotic system, following a prior announcement with Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston. The Liberty system, recently granted FDA clearance, aims to improve surgical efficiency through advanced robotic integration and intuitive controls, offering enhanced dexterity and accuracy for surgeons.

In December 2023, Microbot concluded a pre-clinical study consisting of 96 robotic navigations by three interventional radiologists, showcasing the system's capabilities in endovascular procedures. In addition, the company secured $440,000 in funding from the Israel Innovation Authority in June 2023 to aid the development of the Liberty system's manufacturing process.

The surgical robotics market is experiencing significant growth, with GlobalData predicting it will reach $15.8 billion by 2030, driven by the increasing demand for less invasive surgical options. This expansion is particularly supported by the rising elderly population seeking precise and minimally invasive surgical solutions. Microbot’s CEO, Harel Gadot, expressed excitement about the partnership with Baptist Hospital of Miami, emphasizing the rapid enrollment in the pivotal trial and the hospital's leading position in the U.S.

Key Takeaways

  • Surgical robotics market projected to reach $15.8 billion by 2030, driven by demand for less invasive options.
  • Microbot Medical collaborates with Baptist Hospital of Miami for Liberty robotic system clinical trial.
  • Liberty system aims to enhance procedure efficiency with advanced robotic integration and intuitive controls.
  • Pre-clinical study of Liberty system completed in December 2023 demonstrated promising results.
  • Microbot secured $440,000 funding from the Israel Innovation Authority for Liberty system development.


The decision by Microbot Medical to expand its Liberty robotic system trials to Baptist Hospital of Miami underscores the rapidly growing surgical robotics market, which is expected to reach $15.8 billion by 2030. This move directly benefits Microbot and its investors by accelerating clinical validation and market penetration. Indirectly, competitors like Intuitive Surgical and Medtronic may face increased pressure to innovate or collaborate. In the long term, this expansion could lead to potential shifts in surgical practices towards more minimally invasive procedures, greatly benefiting the aging population and healthcare systems worldwide.

Did You Know?

  • Surgical Robotics Market:
    • Refers to the industry focused on developing, manufacturing, and selling robotic systems designed to assist in surgical procedures. These systems aim to enhance precision, control, and minimally invasive techniques, potentially leading to reduced recovery times and improved patient outcomes. The market is projected to grow significantly, reaching $15.8 billion by 2030, driven by the increasing demand for less invasive surgical options and the aging global population.
  • Endovascular Procedures:
    • Are minimally invasive medical techniques performed within the blood vessels using catheters and other small instruments. These procedures are typically conducted via small incisions or natural body orifices and are guided by imaging techniques such as X-ray or MRI. The use of robotic systems in endovascular procedures aims to improve accuracy and dexterity, reducing the risk of complications and enhancing procedure efficiency.
  • Israel Innovation Authority:
    • A governmental agency responsible for fostering and promoting industrial research and development in Israel. It provides financial support, guidance, and resources to companies and startups, particularly in high-tech and innovative sectors. The funding provided by the Israel Innovation Authority to Microbot Medical for the development of the Liberty robotic system highlights its role in supporting technological advancements and economic growth in Israel.

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