Microsoft Appoints Pavan Davuluri as New Windows and Surface Chief

Kazuki Tanaka
1 min read

Microsoft has announced Pavan Davuluri as the new leader of the Windows and Surface teams, following a major restructuring. This appointment comes after the split of the Windows and Surface groups under different leaders and Mikhail Parakhin's decision to explore new roles. Rajesh Jha, Microsoft's head of experiences and devices, outlined the new Windows organization, bringing together its Windows and devices teams once more. Pavan Davuluri, with over 23 years at Microsoft, will now oversee both Windows and Surface, while Mikhail Parakhin's future at Microsoft remains uncertain. The reshuffle coincides with Google DeepMind co-founder Mustafa Suleyman joining Microsoft as the CEO of a new AI team. This move emphasizes Microsoft's focus on AI and its consumer-facing products like Copilot, Bing, and Edge. With the new leadership changes, the Windows team will closely collaborate with the Microsoft AI team on AI, silicon, and experiences, presenting interesting areas of potential overlap. The impact of these changes on Microsoft's consumer AI products is a focal point, as the company realigns its strategy and leadership to navigate the evolving tech landscape.

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