Microsoft's Xbox Chief Teases Possible Handheld Gaming Device

Microsoft's Xbox Chief Teases Possible Handheld Gaming Device

Yuki Tanaka
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Microsoft's Xbox Chief Teases Possible Handheld Gaming Device

Microsoft's Xbox gaming chief, Phil Spencer, hinted at the possibility of an Xbox handheld device during a discussion at IGN Live. He responded to rumors sparked by Valve's Steam Deck launch, expressing enthusiasm for exploring different gaming form factors and emphasizing the importance of local gameplay. Spencer deferred detailed discussion to Xbox President Sarah Bond, highlighting Microsoft's interest in expanding its hardware lineup. Additionally, Microsoft has announced updates to its Xbox Series X/S console lineup at the Summer Game Fest, showcasing new game trailers.

Key Takeaways

  • Phil Spencer suggests the potential development of an Xbox handheld device emphasizing local game play capability.
  • Xbox President Sarah Bond is expected to play a crucial role in the development of the handheld hardware.
  • Updates to Xbox Series X/S consoles have been announced, demonstrating Microsoft's commitment to evolving its gaming hardware.


Microsoft's exploration of an Xbox handheld device, as indicated by Phil Spencer, could challenge competitors like Nintendo and Valve, diversifying its gaming hardware portfolio. This shift, driven by a focus on local gameplay, may enhance consumer engagement, expand market reach, and potentially influence stock performance. The strategic integration with existing Xbox ecosystems, led by Sarah Bond, aims for seamless user experiences across devices and could redefine Microsoft's position in the gaming industry.

Did You Know?

  • Steam Deck: A handheld gaming device by Valve Corporation, allowing users to play PC games on a portable device.
  • Xbox Series X/S: Microsoft's latest generation gaming consoles, offering enhanced graphical features and high frame rates.
  • Summer Game Fest: An annual event in the video game industry, similar to E3, where developers showcase upcoming games and hardware. It serves as a platform for major announcements and reveals from top gaming companies.

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