Microsoft Windows 11 22H2 End-of-Service Date Announced

Microsoft Windows 11 22H2 End-of-Service Date Announced

Kazuki Yamamoto
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Microsoft's Windows 11 22H2 Version Reaches End-of-Service

Microsoft has disclosed that the Windows 11 22H2 version, which was launched in October 2022, is set to reach its end-of-service date on October 8, 2024. As a result, users on this version will cease to receive security and preview updates after this date. To continue receiving updates, users need to transition to Windows 11 23H2, which should be accessible as a pending update. This transition applies to Windows Home, Pro, and Business users, with Microsoft taking the responsibility of automatically updating non-managed business computers. Users have a 90-day window to make the switch, which can be facilitated through Settings > Windows Update > Check updates. While there are speculations about a potential release of Windows 11 24H2 in October, delaying updates poses the risk of cyberattacks and malware. For those currently using Windows 10, it is essential to ensure that their PC meets the necessary system requirements for upgrading to Windows 11.

Key Takeaways

  • Windows 11 22H2 support will end on October 8, 2024.
  • Upgrading to Windows 11 23H2 is essential for continuous security updates.
  • Microsoft will automatically update non-managed business PCs.
  • Delaying updates poses the risk of cyberattacks.
  • Ensure your PC meets the system requirements for upgrading to Windows 11.


Microsoft's decision to terminate support for Windows 11 22H2 necessitates immediate action for users to transition to 23H2 in order to fortify themselves against cyber threats. Postponing these updates exposes users to heightened risk, especially impacting small businesses and individual consumers. In the long run, this move could accelerate the migration to newer Windows versions, thereby influencing Microsoft's revenue from OS upgrades and support services. The anticipated release of 24H2 might further consolidate the user base and enhance Microsoft's position in the OS sector.

Did You Know?

  • Windows 11 22H2 and 23H2 Versions:
    • Windows 11 22H2: This specific version of Windows 11 was released in October 2022, denoted by "22H2," signifying the second half of the year 2022. The "H2" denotes the latter part of the year.
    • Windows 11 23H2: This denotes the subsequent version of Windows 11 to which users must upgrade after the end-of-service date for Windows 11 22H2. The "23H2" indicates its planned release in the second half of the year 2023.
  • End-of-Service Date:
    • Definition: The end-of-service date is when Microsoft discontinues providing updates, including security updates, for a specific Windows version. Post this date, users face an increased risk of security vulnerabilities and should upgrade to a supported version.
  • Auto-Updating Non-Managed Business PCs:
    • Explanation: This pertains to the process through which Microsoft automatically updates computers not under a managed IT environment, which commonly includes small businesses or individual users who do not utilize enterprise management tools to control updates. This ensures that they receive the latest security patches and features without manual intervention.

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