Christian Dior Unit in Milan Placed Under Judicial Control for Labor Violations

Christian Dior Unit in Milan Placed Under Judicial Control for Labor Violations

Giovanni Rossi
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Christian Dior Unit in Milan Placed Under Judicial Control for Labor Violations

A Milan court has issued a decision to place a unit of Christian Dior under judicial control following allegations of labor violations, as reported by an Italian official. The company, Manufactures Dior Srl, responsible for crafting luxury bags and accessories for LVMH's Dior, has been implicated in failing to prevent labor exploitation within its production cycle. This failure has resulted in subcontractors exploiting undocumented workers and violating labor, health, and safety regulations. Notably, this development mirrors a similar case involving Giorgio Armani SpA, wherein a Milan judge also imposed judicial control over its manufacturing unit in April due to alleged worker exploitation. Christian Dior Couture, the second-largest fashion label under LVMH, achieved approximately €9.5 billion in sales last year. As of now, there has been no official response from representatives of Dior and LVMH regarding this situation.

Key Takeaways

  • Judicial control is exerted over Christian Dior's manufacturing unit in Milan due to labor violations.
  • Manufactures Dior Srl stands accused of exploiting undocumented workers through subcontractors.
  • Dior failed to prevent labor exploitation and non-compliance with labor laws.
  • Christian Dior Couture generated about €9.5 billion in sales last year.
  • A similar situation led to the imposition of judicial control over Giorgio Armani SpA's manufacturing unit in April.


The imposition of judicial control over Christian Dior's manufacturing unit in Milan, following a comparable action taken against Giorgio Armani, accentuates the pervasive scrutiny of labor practices within the luxury fashion industry. This development might result in heightened regulatory oversight and reputational damage for LVMH, potentially influencing investor confidence and sales. Consequently, there might be a long-term need for brands to revamp supply chain transparency and worker rights to regain public trust, thereby impacting industry standards and compliance costs. Additionally, financial instruments related to LVMH could experience volatility, while competitors may confront similar inquiries, thereby reshaping competitive dynamics within the luxury sector.

Did You Know?

  • Judicial Control: This legal measure involves a court assuming oversight of a company's operations to ensure compliance with laws and regulations. It is often implemented in cases of severe legal violations such as labor exploitation.
  • LVMH (Louis Vuitton Moët Hennessy): This French multinational corporation specializes in luxury goods, encompassing fashion, cosmetics, perfumes, watches, and jewelry. It is among the world's largest and most esteemed luxury conglomerates.
  • Undocumented Workers: These individuals work without legal authorization in a country, often enduring vulnerable conditions due to their lack of legal status, which can lead to exploitation and poor working conditions.

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