Mohamed Hadid's Beverly Hills Property Receives $1.1M Emergency Loan

Mohamed Hadid's Beverly Hills Property Receives $1.1M Emergency Loan

Amelia Rousseau
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Mohamed Hadid's Beverly Hills Property Receives $1.1 Million Emergency Loan Amidst Bankruptcy and Erosion Concerns

A bankruptcy court in California has greenlit a $1.1 million emergency loan for Mohamed Hadid's Beverly Hills property to combat severe erosion issues. The loan, extended by 364 Capital LLC, aims to engage contractors and engineers to address the erosion and bolster Hadid's ongoing bankruptcy proceedings. Filed for bankruptcy in April, Hadid's outstanding debt to creditors totals $54.6 million, while his property is valued at approximately $35 million. The loan, currently carrying a floating interest rate around 14 percent, gained approval from Judge Sheri Bluebond. Notably, Hadid has previously sought financial assistance from 364 Capital for other properties, underscoring his assertions of inadequate support from his lenders.

Key Takeaways

  • Mohamed Hadid's Beverly Hills property secures a $1.1 million emergency loan to address erosion concerns amidst bankruptcy.
  • The loan, facilitated by 364 Capital LLC, serves to mitigate the property's slope erosion and support the ongoing bankruptcy proceedings.
  • The loan's interest rate is currently around 14%, attached to the Secured Overnight Financing Rate (SOFR) plus 9%.
  • Hadid's bankruptcy filing in April reflects a $54.6 million debt owed to creditors.
  • 364 Capital previously extended a $6.5 million loan for another Hadid property in 2022.


The approval of a $1.1 million emergency loan by 364 Capital LLC for Mohamed Hadid's Beverly Hills property amid bankruptcy and severe erosion underscores the financial and structural vulnerabilities at play. The loan's high floating interest rate reflects the precarious nature of Hadid's financial predicament and the devaluation of the property. Immediate implications encompass stabilizing the property and navigating the legal processes. In the long run, this development could set a precedent for high-interest emergency financing in distressed real estate, potentially fostering increased debt burdens and market instability. The reliance on 364 Capital intimates a deepening financial partnership that could shape future property management and bankruptcy outcomes.

Did You Know?

  • Floating Interest Rate: This type of interest rate is not fixed and can fluctuate over the life of the loan, often tied to a benchmark rate such as the Secured Overnight Financing Rate (SOFR) in this instance, adjusting based on market conditions. Consequently, the borrower's interest payments can vary over time, impacting the total cost of the loan.

  • 364 Capital LLC: Notably, a private investment firm specializing in providing capital solutions, particularly in intricate scenarios like bankruptcy or distressed assets. They typically offer non-traditional loans, including high-interest, short-term options to aid businesses in stabilizing or restructuring.

  • Bankruptcy Proceedings: These are legal procedures enabling individuals or businesses to restructure or discharge their debts under the protection of the bankruptcy court. Within the context of Mohamed Hadid's bankruptcy proceedings, the process involves managing his debts and assets, with the court overseeing the distribution of his property to creditors and the restructuring of his financial obligations.

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