Move Inc. Sues CoStar Group for Trade Secret Theft

Move Inc. Sues CoStar Group for Trade Secret Theft

Elena Silva
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Move Inc. Files Lawsuit Against CoStar Group Over Alleged Trade Secret Theft

Move Inc., the parent company of, has filed a lawsuit against CoStar Group, accusing them of stealing trade secrets through a former employee, James Kaminsky, who is currently employed at The lawsuit alleges that Kaminsky illicitly accessed confidential information at, including future story ideas and user traffic metrics, after joining CoStar, the owner of, has aggressively promoted the platform with a $1 billion ad campaign, which has reportedly led to a three-fold increase in's unique monthly visitors. CoStar CEO Andy Florance is optimistic that will soon become their primary revenue source, a claim disputed by Move Inc., which insists that remains the second most visited platform. This legal battle sheds light on the intensely competitive nature of the real estate listing market and raises ethical concerns about information use in the industry.

Key Takeaways

  • Move Inc. sues CoStar Group for alleged trade secret theft by ex-employee.
  • CoStar's $1 billion ad campaign boosts traffic, challenging Zillow.
  • Move Inc. disputes's traffic claims, maintains's position.
  • CoStar CEO confident will soon be the top revenue generator.
  • Lawsuit reflects intense competition and ethical concerns in real estate listings.


The lawsuit underscores the fierce competition in real estate listings, with potential impacts on both companies' market shares and reputations. CoStar's aggressive marketing approach, particularly the $1 billion ad campaign, has significantly enhanced's visibility, posing a challenge to industry leader Zillow. Move Inc.'s legal action, alleging trade secret theft, could set a precedent for deterring future data breaches and reshaping norms regarding employee mobility and data security. Over the short-term, CoStar may encounter financial and reputational ramifications, while in the long run, the case could redefine competitive boundaries in real estate technology.

Did You Know?

  • Trade Secret Theft: Involves unauthorized acquisition, disclosure, or use of confidential business information that is valuable to a company and not generally known to the public. In this case, Move Inc. alleges that CoStar Group, through its employee James Kaminsky, accessed and used sensitive information from, providing a competitive advantage.
  • Super Bowl Commercials: Highly anticipated and expensive advertisements aired during the Super Bowl, one of the most-watched television events in the United States. Companies invest heavily in these ads to create memorable marketing campaigns that significantly boost brand visibility and consumer interest. CoStar Group's decision to invest in three Super Bowl commercials for underscores their aggressive marketing strategy to rapidly increase market share.
  • Unique Monthly Visitors: A crucial metric used to measure the number of distinct individuals visiting a website within a given month. This statistic reflects the site's popularity and potential audience size. CoStar Group's claim of tripling's unique monthly visitors indicates a substantial increase in user engagement, potentially leading to higher revenues and market dominance.

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