Municipal Bonds See Rare 0.0% Return in March Amid Fed's Deliberation

Giselle Delgado
1 min read

Munis Post Rare 0.0% Return in March as Fed Keeps Waiting to Cut

The bond market continues to face challenges, but tax-exempt debt brought a glimmer of positive news in March. Investors managed to avoid losses, yet the municipal bond market recorded a flat return of 0.00%.

Key Takeaways:

  • Despite recent significant losses in the bond market, tax-exempt debt in March reported no losses for investors.
  • The municipal bond market saw a minimal, 0.00% return for the month, providing little to no growth for investors.


This development reflects the ongoing volatility and uncertainty in the bond markets. The flat return in tax-exempt debt indicates a cautious and uncertain investment landscape, potentially influenced by market conditions and Fed policies.

Do You Know?

  • Tax-exempt debt refers to municipal bonds issued by state or local governments, typically offering interest income exempt from federal, state, and local taxes for investors.

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