Mystays Hotel Management Co. Raises Salaries by 2x to Tackle Labor Shortage

Mystays Hotel Management Co. Raises Salaries by 2x to Tackle Labor Shortage

Takashi Suzuki
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Mystays Hotel Management Co. Doubles Salaries to Address Labor Shortage in Japan

In an unprecedented move, Mystays Hotel Management Co. in Japan has decided to combat the severe labor shortage by significantly increasing salaries for new hires. Under the ownership of Fortress Investment Group's fund, the country's fourth-largest operator, the hotel chain is now offering an impressive ¥500,000 ($3,210) monthly salary for individuals entering its fast-track management training program. This initiative is specifically designed to groom managers for Mystays' 151 properties throughout Japan.

Key Takeaways

  • Mystays Hotel Management Co. in Japan has doubled salaries to counter the labor shortage.
  • New hires in the fast-track manager program are being offered a substantial monthly salary of ¥500,000, exceeding $3,200.
  • The plan targets the training of managers for 151 properties across Japan.


Mystays Hotel Management Co.'s bold move to double salaries for new hires is not only an attempt to address the immediate labor shortage in Japan but also has the potential for broad implications. This decision might put pressure on the entire hospitality industry, compelling competitors and related sectors to raise wages. Such a trend could have a global ripple effect, impacting other countries grappling with similar labor issues. While Fortress Investment Group, as the owner, may experience short-term profitability concerns due to increased labor costs, the long-term benefits are promising. This strategy could attract more qualified candidates, ultimately enhancing management and guest experiences. Consequently, Mystays stands to gain a competitive advantage and potentially increase its market share. It's also worth noting that the Japanese government might closely monitor the situation, as elevated wages could impact inflation and economic stability.

Did You Know?

  • Mystays Hotel Management Co. in Japan is a hotel chain owned by Fortress Investment Group's fund and serves as the country's fourth-largest operator. With 151 properties across Japan, the company recently announced a groundbreaking decision to double salaries for new hires to address the severe labor shortage.
  • Fast-track Management Training Program is an accelerated initiative aimed at grooming managers for Mystays' hotel properties. The substantial increase in monthly salaries to ¥500,000 ($3,210) for new hires in this program is a direct response to Japan's ongoing labor shortage.
  • Fortress Investment Group is a leading global investment manager with approximately $56 billion of assets under management as of March 31, 2024. The group, which owns Mystays Hotel Management Co.'s fund, is actively involved in addressing the labor shortage in Japan by advocating for increased salaries for new hires.

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