NASCAR Unveils High-Performance Electric Car at Chicago Street Race

NASCAR Unveils High-Performance Electric Car at Chicago Street Race

Alonso Ramirez
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NASCAR Unveils New EV Prototype at Chicago Street Race

NASCAR debuted an innovative EV prototype car at the Chicago Street Race in collaboration with Swedish firm ABB, highlighting the organization's dedication to sustainability. The prototype, reminiscent of a performance crossover like the Ford Mustang Mach-E, is equipped with three electric motors and a 78-kWh liquid-cooled battery capable of producing 1,000kW at peak power. While this vehicle represents a significant departure from traditional stock cars, it is not anticipated to swiftly replace the classic V8 engines.

Key Takeaways

  • The EV prototype, featuring three electric motors and a 78-kWh battery, marks a notable advancement in NASCAR's pursuit of sustainability.
  • The prototype, built on a modified Next Gen chassis, has garnered attention due to its performance capabilities and technological innovation.
  • NASCAR driver David Ragan's testing of the prototype shed light on its distinct characteristics, including its slightly slower pace compared to traditional cars.


The development of NASCAR's EV prototype, supported by ABB and major automakers, underscores a deliberate shift towards sustainability within the automotive industry. This strategic direction has the potential to enhance ABB's market position and influence global automotive trends, while also positioning NASCAR for future technological advancements in EV racing.

Did You Know?

  • NASCAR's EV Prototype with Three Electric Motors: The revolutionary drivetrain configuration of the NASCAR EV prototype involves three electric motors, enabling advanced torque vectoring and improved handling, crucial for high-speed racing.
  • 78-kWh Liquid-Cooled Battery: The high-capacity liquid-cooled battery in the NASCAR EV prototype is designed to withstand the demands of racing, ensuring consistent performance and reliability during races.
  • Modified Next Gen Chassis for Alternative Fuels: The modified Next Gen chassis demonstrates NASCAR's commitment to exploring alternative fuel technologies while upholding safety and performance standards in racing.

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