Neste Refinery Completes Major Turnaround in Finland

Neste Refinery Completes Major Turnaround in Finland

Lennart Bergström
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Neste's Porvoo Refinery Completes Major Turnaround and Maintenance Activities

Neste's Porvoo refinery in Finland has successfully finished significant turnaround and maintenance projects, including regulatory inspections and maintenance on around 5,000 equipment units. The refinery, which processes crude oil, renewable, and circular materials into over 100 products, has transitioned to a shorter 2.5 to 3-year maintenance cycle to enable more adaptable investment implementations. Even with the extensive work involving 7,600 individuals and 1.4 million working hours, operations continued smoothly, ensuring uninterrupted product deliveries. The investment in this year's turnaround amounted to approximately 390 million euros. Committed to sustainability, Neste aims to drastically reduce greenhouse gas emissions and transform its refinery into the most sustainable in Europe, targeting carbon-neutral production by 2035.

Key Takeaways

  • Neste's Porvoo refinery in Finland completed major turnaround and maintenance activities.
  • Refinery now operates with shorter 2.5 to 3-year turnaround cycles for better adaptability.
  • Over 7,600 workers contributed to the turnaround, totaling 1.4 million working hours.
  • The 2024 turnaround investment cost was approximately 390 million euros.
  • Neste aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 20 million tons annually by 2030.


Neste's strategic maintenance at Porvoo refinery enhances operational efficiency and sustainability goals. The shift to shorter maintenance cycles supports agile investment strategies, crucial for adapting to evolving energy demands and regulatory standards. This proactive approach benefits stakeholders by ensuring continuous supply and aligning with global decarbonization trends. Short-term, the substantial investment impacts Neste's financials, but long-term, it positions the company as a leader in sustainable refining, potentially attracting green investment and enhancing market competitiveness. This move also influences other refineries to adopt similar sustainability measures, driving industry-wide transformation.

Did You Know?

  • Major Turnaround and Maintenance Activities: This refers to a scheduled period where a refinery ceases normal operations to perform extensive maintenance, upgrades, and regulatory inspections. It's a strategic process aimed at ensuring the long-term efficiency, safety, and compliance of the refinery's operations.
  • Carbon-Neutral Production: This term signifies a production process where the net carbon emissions are zero. It involves strategies like using renewable energy sources, carbon capture, and storage technologies, and offsetting emissions to ensure that the overall impact on the environment is neutral.
  • Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduction Targets: These are specific goals set by companies to reduce the amount of greenhouse gases they emit, typically measured in tons of CO2 equivalent. Achieving these targets often involves transitioning to cleaner energy sources, improving energy efficiency, and implementing sustainable practices across all operations.

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