Nestle's Anticipated Turnaround: Positive Growth Expected in Q2 2024

Nestle's Anticipated Turnaround: Positive Growth Expected in Q2 2024

Katarzyna Nowak
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Nestle's Anticipated Turnaround: Positive Growth Expected in Q2 2024

After six quarters of stagnant or declining growth, Nestle's CEO, Mark Schneider, shared some promising news. In an interview with Schweiz am Wochenende, Schneider mentioned that starting from the second quarter of this year, Nestle foresees a stable and positive growth contribution driven by increased volumes and an improved product mix. This indicates a significant turnaround for Nestle, as they gear up for a better second half of the year.

Nestlé has experienced continuous growth decline recently due to several key factors. High inflation has forced price increases that haven't fully compensated for a decrease in sales volume, leading to negative real internal growth (RIG). Foreign exchange fluctuations, particularly the strong Swiss Franc, have further reduced reported sales. Additionally, soft consumer demand in North America, especially in the frozen food segment, along with supply constraints for vitamins and supplements, have exacerbated the decline. Divestitures, such as selling stakes in companies like Freshly, have also impacted overall sales. Despite these challenges, Nestlé is focusing on organic growth projects and innovation to spur recovery in the upcoming quarters

Key Takeaways

  • Nestle SA anticipates positive growth contributions starting Q2 2024.
  • CEO Mark Schneider cites stable, positive growth through volume and product mix.
  • This marks a shift from six quarters of stable to negative development.
  • Schneider's comments were made in an interview with Schweiz am Wochenende.
  • Nestle's outlook reflects improved performance for the remainder of 2024.


The turnaround at Nestle, propelled by increased volumes and a refined product mix, signifies a resurgence from an extended period of stagnation. This shift is advantageous for stakeholders, including investors and suppliers, elevating stock value and supply chain stability. Schneider's strategic adjustments likely encompass market diversification and innovation, both pivotal for sustained growth. In the short term, Nestle's stock may experience a surge, while long-term implications hinge on maintaining a competitive edge and adapting to evolving consumer trends.

Did You Know?

  • Nestle SA
    • Insight: Nestle SA is a Swiss multinational food and drink processing conglomerate headquartered in Vevey, Switzerland. It is one of the largest food companies globally, renowned for brands like Nescafé, KitKat, and Purina. The "SA" in its name stands for "Société Anonyme," analogous to a public limited company (PLC) in English-speaking countries.
  • CEO Mark Schneider
    • Insight: Mark Schneider serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Nestle SA, assuming office on January 1, 2017. Prior to joining Nestle, Schneider was the founder and CEO of a healthcare-focused private equity firm. His leadership at Nestle has been characterized by strategic shifts towards health and wellness products, alongside efforts to enhance the company's sustainability practices.
  • Schweiz am Wochenende
    • Insight: "Schweiz am Wochenende" is a Swiss German-language weekly newspaper covering diverse subjects such as national and international news, culture, and lifestyle. The interview with Nestle's CEO, Mark Schneider, in this publication holds significance as it offers insights into the company's performance and future outlook to a broad Swiss audience.

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