New York Governor Set to Sign Landmark Legislation Banning Social Media Algorithms for Minors

New York Governor Set to Sign Landmark Legislation Banning Social Media Algorithms for Minors

Luisa Rodriguez
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New York Governor Set to Sign Landmark Legislation Banning Social Media Algorithms for Minors

New York Governor Kathy Hochul is gearing up to approve a groundbreaking law that will prohibit social media platforms from utilizing algorithms to recommend content to users under 18. The new legislation, dubbed the SAFE for Kids Act, has received the nod from the state legislature and is designed to shield young users from potentially harmful content suggestions. This move signifies a significant stride in regulating social media practices for minors and is anticipated to be signed into law in the coming weeks.

Key Takeaways

  • Governor Kathy Hochul to enact a law barring social media algorithms for users under 18 in New York.
  • Recently approved legislation by the state legislature, set for imminent signing.
  • Targets major social media platforms and aims to prevent addictive content suggestions for minors.
  • Referred to as the SAFE for Kids Act.
  • Specifically impacts prominent platforms like TikTok.


The implementation of the SAFE for Kids Act in New York will directly target major social media platforms, potentially impacting their revenue streams and user engagement strategies. By restraining algorithm-driven content for minors, the law seeks to mitigate exposure to addictive content, thus influencing platform design and content moderation policies. In the short term, platforms might witness diminished engagement metrics and will have to adapt their algorithms. Over the long term, this move could instigate broader regulatory transformations at a national level, consequently influencing social media practices on a global scale. Platforms like TikTok may encounter heightened scrutiny and will be compelled to innovate in content delivery to comply with evolving regulations, thereby influencing their market positioning and operational expenditures.

Did You Know?

  • SAFE for Kids Act: A legislative measure endorsed by the New York state legislature, aimed at safeguarding minors from potentially harmful content on social media by outlawing the utilization of algorithms to propose content to users under 18.
  • Algorithms in Social Media: These refer to sets of rules or instructions provided to computers to solve problems or make decisions, such as suggesting content to users based on their previous interactions and preferences. In the realm of social media, algorithms are employed to sustain user engagement by presenting content that aligns with their probable interaction.
  • New York Governor Kathy Hochul: The 57th and current Governor of New York, recognized for her endeavors in public service and policy formulation, including the recent endorsement of the SAFE for Kids Act, which is aimed at regulating social media practices for minors.

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