Nio Launches New Onvo Brand to Rival Tesla

Nio Launches New Onvo Brand to Rival Tesla

Ling Zhang
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Nio Launches Affordable Onvo Brand with L60 SUV Undercutting Tesla's Model Y

On May 15, 2024, Chinese electric vehicle company, Nio, unveiled its new affordable brand, Onvo, in Shanghai. The inaugural vehicle, the L60 SUV, comes at a price of approximately $30,439, positioning it $4,000 below Tesla's Model Y. Emphasizing spacious interiors and advanced driver-assist technology, Onvo targets to set a new standard for family cars. Nio plans to commence deliveries of the L60 in September, following the onset of pre-sales subsequent to the launch. Onvo will deploy cost-effective batteries from BYD, a prominent Chinese smartphone and electric vehicle manufacturer, marking a strategic partnership. Notably, the Biden administration's 100% tariff on Chinese electric vehicles has been denounced by Onvo's CEO, William Li, citing adverse effects on consumers and climate goals.

Key Takeaways

  • Nio debuts a pocket-friendly brand, Onvo, with the L60 SUV priced at 219,900 yuan ($30,439), undercutting Tesla's Model Y by $4,000.
  • Onvo endeavors to define a fresh norm for family cars, prioritizing spacious interiors, enhanced shock absorption, and advanced driver-assist technology.
  • Nio CEO, William Li, envisions venturing Onvo into international markets, though no specific timeline has been disclosed.
  • The Chinese electric vehicle market witnesses heightened competition with Xiaomi's entry in March and BYD's existing array of affordable options.
  • The imposition of a 100% tariff on Chinese electric vehicles by the Biden administration has sparked criticism from Nio's CEO, William Li, denouncing it as "completely unreasonable."


Nio's introduction of the reasonably priced Onvo brand and the inaugural L60 SUV presents a challenge to Tesla and established players like BYD within China's electric vehicle market. This strategic move has the potential to intensify competition, subsequently driving down electric vehicle prices, thereby benefiting consumers and expediting the worldwide shift towards sustainable transportation. Nonetheless, the 100% US tariff on Chinese electric vehicles may impede Onvo's global expansion, necessitating the exploration of alternative markets or negotiations with the Biden administration. Simultaneously, other Chinese electric vehicle manufacturers, including BYD and Xiaomi, may confront pressure to further curtail expenses and innovate to maintain a competitive edge. Over time, this heightened competition may lead to increased consolidation and strategic alliances in China's electric vehicle industry.

Did You Know?

  • Nio and Onvo: Nio, a Chinese electric vehicle company, has predominantly focused on high-end cars. With the launch of Onvo, Nio is aspiring to establish a new benchmark for family cars equipped with spacious interiors, enhanced shock absorption, and advanced driver-assist technology. The introductory car under the Onvo brand, the L60 SUV, is priced at 219,900 yuan ($30,439), making it more economical than Tesla's Model Y.
  • Biden administration's tariff on Chinese EVs: The Biden administration has imposed a 100% tariff on Chinese electric vehicles, a move that Nio's CEO, William Li, has criticized as "completely unreasonable." This tariff could elevate the cost of Chinese electric vehicles for American consumers and potentially impact the progression of the electric vehicle market in the US.
  • Competition in China's EV market: The Chinese electric vehicle market is undergoing escalating competition, with Xiaomi's entry in March and BYD's existing array of affordable options. Nio's Onvo represents the company's strategic approach to competing in this market by offering a lower-priced alternative for family cars.

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