NIO Set to Unveil Onvo Brand and L60 SUV

NIO Set to Unveil Onvo Brand and L60 SUV

Chen Wei-Lin
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NIO Unveils Budget Brand Onvo to Rival Tesla in China's EV Market

On May 15th, Chinese electric vehicle (EV) manufacturer NIO will introduce its new budget brand, Onvo, alongside the debut of the L60 SUV. Priced at approximately $34,600, the L60 is positioned to compete head-on with Tesla's Model Y in the mid-priced EV segment, marking a significant development in the competitive landscape of China's burgeoning electric vehicle market. This strategic move by NIO comes in the wake of a price war that has already prompted competitive responses from industry peers, including Tesla and Xpeng.

Key Takeaways

  • NIO, a key player in China's electric car industry, to launch lower-priced brand Onvo on May 15.
  • The inaugural model under the Onvo brand, the L60 SUV, is set to be priced around $34,600, positioning it in direct competition with Tesla's Model Y.
  • The unveiling of Onvo follows an aggressive price war within China's electric car market, resulting in price reductions by major players like Tesla and Xpeng.
  • Xpeng, an emerging EV startup, is also gearing up to roll out its own budget-focused brand, Mona, in the near future.
  • The entrance of Onvo and the imminent launch of Xpeng's Mona emblemize the escalating competition within China's electric vehicle market.


NIO's introduction of its budget-oriented Onvo brand, accompanied by the debut of the L60 SUV aimed at rivalling Tesla's Model Y, signifies a significant escalation in competition within China's electric vehicle (EV) domain. This strategic maneuver is a direct response to the ongoing price war compelling market incumbents such as Tesla and Xpeng to implement pricing adjustments. The impending advent of Xpeng's sub-brand, Mona, further underscores the heightened rivalry among industry players.

Consequences: In the short term, consumers are poised to benefit from increased accessibility to more affordable EV alternatives. However, in the long run, this market dynamic may lead to consolidation, prompting weaker entities to exit the arena. Conversely, surviving entities, including NIO, Tesla, and Xpeng, are likely to expand their market foothold, potentially triggering fluctuations for industry-linked financial instruments such as EV-related ETFs and stocks. Furthermore, governments and entities advocating for EV adoption may need to recalibrate their strategies to facilitate sustainable growth and avert market saturation.

Did You Know?

  • NIO: A Chinese EV manufacturer founded in 2014, renowned for competing in the premium EV sector with models such as the ES8, ES6, and EC6, leveraging innovative battery swap technology and delivering a premium user experience. Notably, NIO's stock is publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol "NIO."
  • Onvo: NIO's newly introduced brand targeting more affordable electric vehicles, representing a strategic shift to capture a broader market share and directly compete with budget-focused EV brands like Tesla's Model Y and Xpeng's upcoming Mona in China, the largest electric vehicle market globally.
  • Price war in China's electric vehicle market: A competitive landscape marked by EV manufacturers, including NIO, Tesla, and Xpeng, engaging in price reductions to enhance market competitiveness. This environment has been intensifying due to increased market saturation and the entry of new players, with recent price adjustments by Tesla, Xpeng, and the introduction of NIO's new brand serving as indicative examples of this ongoing scenario.

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