Nvidia's Latest Venture: Affordable AI Nurses Changing Healthcare Landscape

Chiyoko Nakamura
1 min read

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California tech giant Nvidia has announced a collaboration with Hippocratic AI to introduce AI-generated nurses at an hourly rate of $9. These virtual nurses provide a wide range of healthcare services, including medication onboarding and screenings, targeting the US nurse shortage. In a demo video, Sarah interacts with her AI care manager, Rachel, post-surgery. The move sparks concerns about the safety and implications for US nurses. Hippocratic AI's website showcases a range of AI nurses covering various healthcare areas and personalized bedside manner preferences. The foray into AI healthcare raises questions about the effectiveness and reliability of AI nurses compared to human counterparts. While addressing the healthcare worker shortage, it fails to tackle broader systemic issues in the US healthcare system. The move to outsourcing medical care to AI nurses may offer convenience but could overlook critical patient-centric care. Nvidia's foray into affordable AI nurses marks a significant shift in the healthcare landscape.

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