NYK and Astomos Unveil New LPG Dual-Fuel Carrier

NYK and Astomos Unveil New LPG Dual-Fuel Carrier

Nasrin Patel
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NYK and Astomos Energy Unveil Sustainable Dual-Fuel Carrier

Japanese shipping giant NYK and Astomos Energy Corporation have launched the Gas Amethyst, a new LPG dual-fuel carrier capable of running on both LPG and ammonia. This represents a significant advancement in sustainable shipping aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The vessel, unveiled at a ceremony at Kawasaki Heavy Industries, is equipped with a dual-fuel engine and a shaft generator, allowing it to significantly reduce emissions and support the transition to a carbon-neutral economy.

Key Takeaways

  • NYK and Astomos Energy introduce a dual-fuel LPG carrier running on LPG and ammonia.
  • The Gas Amethyst reduces SOx and CO2 emissions by over 95% and 20% respectively.
  • The vessel's size and capacity make it efficient in handling extensive cargo needs.
  • The carrier sets a new standard for sustainable maritime transport.


The debut of the Gas Amethyst by NYK and Astomos Energy represents a groundbreaking advancement in sustainable shipping, setting a precedent for future vessels. The introduction of this technology not only benefits environmental goals but also exerts pressure on competitors to innovate. Furthermore, this proactive stance on sustainability may have a positive impact on the stock values of these companies in the financial markets. In the long run, this innovation could reshape global shipping standards and drive policies and investments in green maritime solutions.

Did You Know?

  • LPG Dual-Fuel Carrier: An LPG dual-fuel carrier is a type of ship designed to operate using Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) and another fuel source, such as ammonia, to reduce its environmental footprint and enhance operational flexibility.
  • Ammonia as a Shipping Fuel: Ammonia, a potential zero-carbon fuel for maritime transport, does not emit carbon dioxide when burned, making it a promising option for achieving carbon neutrality in the shipping industry.
  • Shaft Generator in Maritime Technology: A shaft generator is a system installed on ships that converts part of the engine's mechanical energy into electrical energy, thus reducing fuel consumption and emissions while enhancing a ship's efficiency and sustainability.


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