Open Network Expands with Polygon Partnership

Open Network Expands with Polygon Partnership

Yulia Petrovich
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TON's Collaboration with Polygon CDK: A Game-Changer in Layer-2 Scaling Solutions

The Open Network (TON) is making significant strides in layer-2 scaling solutions by partnering with the Polygon Chain Development Kit (CDK) to launch the TON Applications Chain (TAC), a zk-powered layer-2 engine. This strategic move is poised to elevate interoperability and liquidity within the TON blockchain ecosystem.

TON's reputation for cutting-edge technology is set to shine through in this new layer-2 engine as it integrates with Polygon's CDK, enabling access to the AggLayer and streamlining liquidity operations.

Beyond scalability, the introduction of EVM compatibility enhances the functionality of decentralized applications (dApps) on Telegram, fostering seamless interaction with Ethereum's extensive ecosystem.

The recent accomplishments of TON in the Play-2-Earn gaming sector, with popular games like Notcoin (NOT) and Hamster Kombat, boasting over 200 million monthly active users, underscore the pivotal role of the new layer-2 chain in scaling these games and attracting a broader user base.

Key Takeaways

  • TON collaborates with Polygon CDK to unveil a zk-powered layer-2 solution.
  • The new layer-2 solution enhances interoperability and liquidity within TON's ecosystem.
  • Introduction of EVM compatibility for Telegram dApps fosters integration with Ethereum.
  • TON aims to scale its popular Play-2-Earn games with the new chain.
  • Toncoin (TON) displays positive momentum, currently trading at $7.26, with potential for further growth.


The collaboration between TON and Polygon CDK in developing a zk-powered layer-2 solution holds significant implications for various stakeholders. Key beneficiaries include participants in TON's ecosystem, particularly dApp developers and users, who stand to benefit from improved interoperability and liquidity. Indirectly, Ethereum's ecosystem opens up to increased integration opportunities. In the short term, the collaboration strengthens TON's market position and could propel the value of Toncoin. Looking ahead, this innovation positions TON competitively in the blockchain sphere, potentially attracting more developers and users, and influencing broader industry standards for scalability and interoperability.

Did You Know?

  • Layer-2 Scaling Solutions:
    • Layer-2 scaling solutions are protocols designed to enhance the scalability and efficiency of a blockchain (Layer 1) by carrying out transactions, smart contracts, and other operations off the main blockchain. This offloading reduces congestion and accelerates transaction speed, examples include sidechains, state channels, and rollups.
  • zk-powered Layer-2 Engine:
    • A zk-powered (zero-knowledge) layer-2 engine leverages zero-knowledge proofs to validate transactions off-chain, ensuring security and privacy while maintaining speed. Zero-knowledge proofs permit one party to prove a statement's truth without revealing additional information, a valuable technology for enhancing scalability and privacy in blockchain networks.
  • EVM Compatibility:
    • EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) compatibility allows a blockchain to execute smart contracts designed for the Ethereum network. This compatibility fosters seamless interaction across different blockchain ecosystems, enabling developers to deploy Ethereum-based applications on other networks with minimal adjustments, thereby expanding decentralized applications' reach and promoting interoperability.

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