OSCAR Home Services App Raises €6M Funding

OSCAR Home Services App Raises €6M Funding

Rafaela Santos
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OSCAR: Portuguese Home Services App Raises €6 Million in Funding

The Portuguese home services app, OSCAR, has secured over €6 million in funding, with Lince Capital and Indico Capital Partners leading the investment round. Founded by João Marques, a former software engineer, OSCAR connects over 12,000 qualified technicians to provide a wide range of services. The app, available on both iOS and Android, utilizes intelligent algorithms for prompt service and real-time monitoring, aiming to dominate the European home services market within two years. OSCAR's innovative model aims to benefit all stakeholders, ensuring high-quality service and sustainable growth.

Key Takeaways

  • OSCAR has raised over €6 million, with investments from Lince Capital, Indico Capital Partners, Failup Ventures, Olisipo Way, Boost Capital Partners, Quiet Capital, and the founders of Bolt and Wolt.
  • The app offers fixed prices for 150+ services and connects users to 12,000 qualified professionals in areas like plumbing, electricity, cleaning, laundry, and beauty services.
  • Founder João Marques identified a gap in the market and started OSCAR after facing challenges in finding reliable technicians to repair a water heater.
  • Intelligent algorithms are used to ensure quick service, manage challenges, and combat the grey economy.
  • OSCAR aims to become the top home services app in Europe, currently serving 300,000 customers and providing €7 million in annual services.


The substantial funding raised by OSCAR reflects the growing interest in European home services, potentially leading to increased investment and competition in the sector. The app's unique model not only benefits customers, technicians, and investors but also addresses issues related to the grey economy. As OSCAR continues to grow, it may influence regulatory changes and encourage the adoption of digital solutions by traditional businesses. The expansion of OSCAR may also lead to the emergence of local competitors in other European countries, stimulating job creation and enhancing consumer convenience. However, managing rapid expansion and maintaining service quality are potential challenges for OSCAR.

Did You Know?

  • Grey economy: This term refers to the unregulated and informal economy, where businesses and transactions occur outside of government taxation and regulatory systems. OSCAR aims to combat the grey economy by providing a regulated and reliable platform for home services.
  • Intelligent algorithms: These are advanced mathematical models used to optimize scheduling, resource allocation, and anticipate challenges to ensure efficient service delivery. OSCAR employs intelligent algorithms for these crucial functions.
  • Lince Capital and Indico Capital Partners: These are venture capital firms specializing in investing in technology companies. Their support indicates the recognition of OSCAR's potential for growth and success.

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