Overseed Secures €6.7M Funding for Medical Cannabis Expansion

Overseed Secures €6.7M Funding for Medical Cannabis Expansion

Hélène Dubois
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Overseed Biotech Secures €6.7M Funding to Lead French Medical Cannabis Manufacturing

French biotech company Overseed has successfully obtained €6.7 million in funding to establish itself as the pioneering French producer of 100% medical cannabis medications. This landmark achievement precedes France's upcoming approval of medical cannabis usage and inclusion in health insurance coverage scheduled for January 2025.

Overseed has already reached significant milestones, such as obtaining the first French R&D authorization for the Cannabis sativa L. plant and successfully completing its research program on varietal selection and the pharmaceutical-grade production of active ingredients. The company has also formed strategic partnerships with industry experts like Stanipharm for extraction and formulation and Pharm&Beauty for the manufacturing of finished pharmaceutical products.

Overseed is poised to introduce three oral products in partnership with a distinguished French pharmaceutical company, with the objective of providing high-quality, high-volume production from the outset. CEO Hugues Péribère has underscored the company's preparedness and called for expeditious regulatory evaluation to facilitate market entry.

Key Takeaways

  • Overseed Biotech raises €6.7M to spearhead France's medical cannabis manufacturing.
  • France is set to authorize medical cannabis usage and insurance coverage beginning January 2025.
  • Overseed focuses on agricultural research and the development of cannabis-based medicines.
  • The company collaborates with industry experts to ensure high-quality production and formulation.
  • Overseed aims to deliver top-tier medical cannabis products in substantial quantities from the start.


Overseed's significant funding achievement positions France as a frontrunner in the medical cannabis sector, influencing stakeholders such as Blast.Club and regional investment entities. Anticipated regulatory changes and expanded insurance coverage in 2025 will amplify market demand, consequently enhancing Overseed's revenue and industry influence. Collaborations with Stanipharm and Pharm&Beauty guarantee superior production standards, while academic collaborations with CNRS/CBM and the University Hospital of Orléans drive forward scientific research. In the short term, Overseed's market entry will disrupt prevailing pharmaceutical dynamics, and in the long run, it could redefine France's pharmaceutical exports and global cannabis regulations.

Did You Know?

  • Medical Cannabis Sovereignty and Security of Supply:
    • Insight: Medical cannabis sovereignty denotes a nation's ability to independently produce and supply its own medical cannabis products, ensuring control over quality, quantity, and distribution. Maintaining a stable and reliable source of these products domestically, without heavy reliance on imports, is vital for meeting domestic demand, regulating, and integrating medical cannabis into healthcare systems effectively.
  • Varietal Selection in Cannabis Research:
    • Insight: Varietal selection in cannabis research involves identifying and cultivating specific strains of the Cannabis sativa L. plant that demonstrate optimal characteristics for medicinal use, including high levels of active ingredients (like THC and CBD), consistent potency, and suitability for large-scale pharmaceutical production. This selection process is imperative for developing standardized and effective medical cannabis products.
  • Preclinical and Clinical Studies in Cannabis Medicine:
    • Insight: Preclinical studies in cannabis medicine encompass laboratory and animal research to comprehend the pharmacological effects and potential therapeutic benefits of cannabis compounds. Clinical studies, conducted on human subjects, evaluate the safety, efficacy, and optimal dosages of cannabis-derived medicines for various medical conditions. These studies are pivotal for obtaining regulatory approval and establishing the medical use of cannabis products in healthcare settings.

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