Paramount's Merger with Skydance Awaits Shareholder Approval, Cost Cutting Measures in Motion

Paramount's Merger with Skydance Awaits Shareholder Approval, Cost Cutting Measures in Motion

Katerina Ivanović
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Paramount's Merger with Skydance Awaits Shareholder Approval, Cost Cutting Measures in Motion

Paramount's proposed merger with Skydance is currently awaiting approval from majority shareholder Shari Redstone. However, the company has devised a contingency plan involving the slashing of $500 million in costs, which includes layoffs and reductions in real estate and marketing. In the wake of the ousting of former CEO Bob Bakish, Paramount has been exploring strategic streaming partnerships for its Paramount+ platform, which currently boasts around 70 million subscribers. These partnerships aim to emulate successful integrations like Disney's acquisition of Hulu and the merger of HBO Max with Discovery+. Paramount has also already laid off about 800 employees this year in a bid to improve its financial health. The decision-making timeframe for the Skydance merger is expected to conclude within the next week as Paramount navigates its strategic future.

Key Takeaways

  • Paramount's proposed merger with Skydance is pending approval from majority shareholder Shari Redstone.
  • The company plans to cut $500 million in costs, including removing duplicative teams and functions if the merger fails.
  • Paramount's interim "Office of the CEO" includes Chris McCarthy, George Cheeks, and Brian Robbins.
  • Paramount+ is exploring deep streaming partnerships, aiming to emulate successful mergers like Disney's acquisition of Hulu.
  • Paramount laid off 800 employees post-Super Bowl LVIII to return to earnings growth amid debt.


Paramount's strategic maneuvers, including the potential merger with Skydance and cost-cutting measures, reflect a response to evolving media landscapes and financial pressures. The merger, if approved, could enhance content synergies and streaming capabilities, akin to Disney-Hulu. Conversely, cost reductions signal a readiness to streamline operations, impacting employment and operational scope. These actions, driven by leadership changes and market competition, aim to stabilize Paramount's financial footing and bolster its streaming presence. Short-term consequences include workforce reductions and operational adjustments, while long-term implications hinge on strategic partnerships' success and market adaptability.

Did You Know?

  • Shari Redstone: Shari Redstone is the Vice Chair of the Board of ViacomCBS and the Chair of the Board of National Amusements, which is the majority shareholder of both ViacomCBS and Paramount. Her approval is crucial in major corporate decisions like the proposed merger with Skydance.
  • Paramount+: Paramount+ is a subscription video-on-demand streaming service owned by ViacomCBS. It offers a wide range of content including movies, TV shows, and original programming from networks like CBS, BET, and Nickelodeon.
  • Disney's acquisition of Hulu: Disney acquired a majority stake in Hulu through various transactions, culminating in its full ownership in 2019. This acquisition allowed Disney to integrate Hulu's content and platform with its own streaming services, enhancing its competitive position in the streaming market.

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