Patently Launches AI-Powered Patent Suite

Patently Launches AI-Powered Patent Suite

Dominique Bouchard
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Patently Revolutionizes Patent Access with AI-Powered Platform

Patently is poised to revolutionize the accessibility of patents by launching a suite of patent products powered by AI. The platform will provide three essential tools: Search for advanced patent searches, Assess for exploring patent families and identifying connections, and Create with Onardo, the world's first multimodal AI patent drafting assistant. Founded by individuals frustrated with the complexity of finding patent owners, Patently aims to simplify patent searching while advocating for advancements in the patent industry. For more information on Patently's upcoming launch, visit

Key Takeaways

  • Patents play a crucial role in driving innovation and technological advancements.
  • Patently's AI-powered patent platform, launching on May 1, will introduce advanced tools for patent searching, assessment, and drafting.
  • The platform includes three main products: Search, Assess, and Create (Onardo), each offering advanced features.
  • Patently was established to address the challenges in finding patent owners and simplify patent searching.
  • Following the launch, Patently plans to prioritize product enhancements and advocate for advancements in the patent industry.


The introduction of Patently's AI-powered patent platform on May 1 is poised to simplify patent processes, including searching, assessment, and drafting. Stemming from the complexities in identifying patent owners, Patently's tools – Search, Assess, and Onardo – will enhance patent accessibility, fostering innovation and benefiting inventors, businesses, and legal professionals. This development may reshape the patent industry, encouraging further advancements and collaborations, thereby impacting countries and organizations focusing on innovation and IP protection. Patently's success could lead to increased investment in AI patent solutions, potentially disrupting traditional patent services.

Did You Know?

  • Patently: As a new entrant in the patent industry, Patently is a technology company aiming to make patents more accessible, founded by individuals advocating for advancements in the patent industry after facing challenges in finding patent owners.
  • AI-powered patent platform: Patently's new platform, driven by artificial intelligence, enables advanced patent searches, assessments, and drafting. This technology facilitates exploring patent families, identifying connections, and utilizing the world's first multimodal AI patent drafting assistant, Onardo.
  • Onardo: An innovative tool developed by Patently, Onardo is the world's first multimodal AI patent drafting assistant, making the patent application process more efficient and accurate for inventors and businesses.

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