Peersyst Activates New Amendments to XRPL EVMSidechain

Peersyst Activates New Amendments to XRPL EVMSidechain

Cristina Alvarez
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Ripple Partner Peersyst Activates New Amendments to XRPL EVMSidechain

The Ripple partner Peersyst has implemented new amendments to the XRPL EVMSidechain following community approval. These updates, including adjustments to XRP fees and the enabling of Cosmos IBC, are intended to enhance network security and scalability. Amendment 33 aims to reduce transaction fees to levels comparable to those of Binance Smart Chain or Polygon, while Amendment 34 will activate IBC channels, connecting the network to the Cosmos ecosystem. The Ripple EVM sidechain, though not yet available on the production Mainnet, is designed to bring full programmability to the XRPL ecosystem and facilitate the deployment of EVM applications with minimal alterations.

Key Takeaways

  • Ripple partner Peersyst activates new XRP amendments on XRPL EVMSidechain after community approval.
  • Amendment 33 adjusts XRP fees for network security and scalability, aiming for fees similar to Binance Smart Chain or Polygon.
  • Amendment 34 activates IBC channels, connecting the network to the Cosmos ecosystem for cross-chain applications.
  • Ripple EVM sidechain, a proof of concept extension to XRPL, enables EVM applications on XRPL with fewer changes and PoA consensus.
  • New update may increase appeal for developers testing applications on XRPL EVM sidechain, not yet available on Mainnet.


The implementation of new amendments on the XRPL EVMSidechain by Ripple partner Peersyst has the potential to fortify network security, scalability, and attract developers. Minimal transaction fees introduced by Amendment 33, comparable to those of Binance Smart Chain or Polygon, may allure developers to experiment with applications on the XRPL EVM sidechain, which is currently not accessible on Mainnet. Additionally, Amendment 34's integration of IBC channels with the Cosmos ecosystem could promote the development of cross-chain applications, broadening XRPL's utility.

Consequently, this development could intensify competition among blockchain platforms and potentially expand Ripple's ecosystem. It may impact financial institutions and companies exploring blockchain solutions by providing enhanced security, scalability, and connectivity. In the long run, it could lead to broader blockchain adoption and innovation in the financial services and tech industries.

Did You Know?

  • XRPL EVMSidechain: The XRPL has been augmented with an Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) sidechain, allowing developers to deploy EVM applications on the XRPL ecosystem with minimal adjustments. This extension aims to enhance XRPL's programmability, thereby increasing its utility and attracting more developers to test their applications on this platform.
  • Amendment 33 & XRP fees: Amendment 33 is an update to the XRP Ledger, modifying transaction fees on the XRPL EVMSidechain to bolster network security and scalability by aligning fees with those of popular blockchain platforms like Binance Smart Chain or Polygon. The objective is to offer competitive and affordable transaction costs, attracting developers and users to foster a vibrant ecosystem.
  • Amendment 34 & Cosmos IBC: Amendment 34 introduces Inter-Blockchain Communication (IBC) channels to the XRPL EVMSidechain, connecting it to the Cosmos ecosystem. IBC facilitates communication and value exchange between different blockchain networks, enabling cross-chain applications. This integration with Cosmos expands XRPL's interoperability, tapping into the diverse applications and functionalities of the Cosmos ecosystem.

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