Protect Your Backups from Ransomware Attacks

Nathaniel de la Cruz
1 min read

In a recent report by cybersecurity researchers, it was revealed that ransomware attackers are increasingly targeting backups, making it crucial for organizations to ensure the safety of their backups. The report, based on a survey of almost 3,000 IT and cybersecurity professionals, emphasized that organizations that lose their backups end up paying significantly more in ransom demands and face greater challenges in the recovery process. The study found that almost all respondents of the survey experienced attackers going after their backups, with notable focus in various sectors. Energy, oil and gas, as well as utilities, were particularly vulnerable to losing backups, followed by the education sector. Additionally, victims with compromised backups received notably higher ransom demands and were almost twice as likely to pay the ransom compared to those with safe backups. The report underscored the essential role of backups in a comprehensive cyber risk reduction strategy and recommended measures such as storing backups in multiple locations, implementing multi-factor authentication for cloud backup accounts, and regularly practicing recovery from backups. It also advised organizations to monitor and respond to suspicious activity around their backups as an early indicator of potential compromise. The findings stress the critical need for organizations to prioritize the safeguarding of their backups from ransomware attacks and to adopt proactive measures to mitigate the risks effectively.

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