Pure Energy Makes Sustainable Progress at Clayton Valley Lithium Brine Project

Pure Energy Makes Sustainable Progress at Clayton Valley Lithium Brine Project

Aleksandr Petrov
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Pure Energy Minerals Ltd. Expands Lithium Extraction in Nevada

Pure Energy Minerals Ltd. has made significant strides in its Clayton Valley lithium brine project in Nevada, partnering with SLB to enhance and scale up its sustainable lithium extraction efforts. Together, they have established a demonstration plant that integrates subsurface expertise with advanced surface engineering technologies, including direct lithium extraction (DLE).

Key Takeaways

  • Partners with SLB for sustainable lithium extraction in Nevada
  • Completion and operation of demonstration plant in Clayton Valley
  • Secured all required permits for plant construction and operation
  • Ongoing technical trials supporting integrated lithium extraction methods
  • Aims to be a key supplier for the lithium battery industry


The advancements made by Pure Energy Minerals in Nevada's Clayton Valley have the potential to greatly influence the lithium supply chain, with implications for battery manufacturers and electric vehicle (EV) producers heavily reliant on lithium. The integrated extraction technology, driven by SLB, may set a new industry standard, enhancing sustainability and cost-effectiveness. This strategic move positions Pure Energy as a significant player in the burgeoning EV market, potentially impacting regional and international lithium trade dynamics.

Did You Know?

  • Direct Lithium Extraction (DLE): Direct Lithium Extraction (DLE) is a cutting-edge technology designed to efficiently extract lithium from brine deposits, employing advanced chemical processes to separate lithium directly from brine. This method significantly reduces the time and environmental impact associated with lithium production and is crucial for meeting the high demand for lithium in battery manufacturing.
  • Earn-In Agreement: An Earn-In agreement is a contractual arrangement where a company can earn an interest in a project by contributing financially or technically to its development, gradually increasing its ownership stake by meeting certain milestones or investment thresholds.
  • Finite Term Water Right: A Finite Term Water Right is a legal authorization that allows a company to extract a specified amount of water from a particular source for a limited period, essential for companies involved in resource extraction like lithium extraction from brine.

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