R+V Writes Off Signa Investments Worth Millions, Shifts Investment Strategy

Elias Richter
1 min read

What Happened:

R+V, a subsidiary of DZ-Bank, has written off its investments in the insolvent Signa Group amounting to hundreds of millions of euros. Additionally, they have decided to discontinue direct investments in real estate companies.

Key Takeaways:

  • R+V, a subsidiary of DZ-Bank, has written off its investments in the insolvent Signa Group in the hundreds of millions of euros.
  • They expressed regret over the Signa investment and stated that they have learned from the experience.
  • R+V announced their complete processing of the Signa engagement in their 2023 financial statements.
  • In the future, R+V will no longer directly invest in real estate companies.


This move by R+V to write off their investments in the Signa Group reflects the challenges and risks associated with investment in the real estate sector. It also indicates a shift in their investment strategy, possibly towards more diversified and low-risk ventures.

Do You Know?

  • The Signa Group is an Austria-based real estate company with significant investments across Europe.
  • R+V is a major insurance company in Germany and is a subsidiary of DZ-Bank.

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