RBA's Unchanged Policy Weighs on Australian Dollar

RBA's Unchanged Policy Weighs on Australian Dollar

Leila Cheng
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RBA's Unchanged Policy and Its Impact on AUD/USD: An Analysis

The Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) has maintained its policy, aligning with the Federal Reserve's neutral stance, which is likely to pressure the AUD/USD pair downward due to perceived dovishness.

Key Takeaways

  • RBA's neutral stance, akin to Fed Chair Powell's approach, might drag AUD/USD down due to perceived dovishness.
  • Australian dollar dipped post-RBA decision, setting a high bar for future rate hikes.
  • Specific AUD/USD levels to watch: 0.6630 option strike, 0.6465 if dovish view persists.
  • Australian bond futures rose due to overly bearish positioning and RBA's stance.
  • Market closely monitors 0.6630 option strike and 0.6465 for potential volatility.


The RBA's decision to maintain its policy, akin to the Federal Reserve's approach, may adversely impact Australian exporters and businesses reliant on US trade, while benefiting local importers. Market volatility might emerge around specific AUD/USD levels in the short term. Prolonged dovishness may weaken the Australian economy, affecting its financial institutions, business confidence, and government bond yields. Close monitoring is advised for countries and organizations with strong ties to the Australian economy.

Did You Know?

  • RBA's neutral stance and perceived dovishness: The RBA's neutral stance implies it is neither tightening nor loosening its current monetary policy. Similar to Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell's approach, this stance reflects a wait-and-see attitude towards interest rates. The perceived dovishness might contribute to a decline in the AUD value against the USD.
  • AUD/USD levels and potential volatility: Traders are monitoring the 0.6630 option strike and the 0.6465 mark for potential volatility, where buying and selling pressures may impact the exchange rate's movement.
  • Australian bond futures and overly bearish positioning: The rise in Australian bond futures indicates an expectation of declining or stable interest rates. The overly bearish positioning led to an uptick in bond futures following the RBA's stance adjustment.

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