Record-Breaking $152M Sale of Florida Mansion

Record-Breaking $152M Sale of Florida Mansion

Ximena Delgado
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Ultra-Luxury Spec Home in Palm Beach, Florida Sells for $152 Million

A spec home in Palm Beach, Florida, has been sold for $152 million, marking the highest-priced residential sale in the state this year and one of the top five single-family home sales ever in Florida. The 28,618-square-foot mansion, featuring 11 bedrooms and 15 bathrooms, was originally listed for $218 million in 2022. Despite the 30% discount, the sale still marks a significant milestone in the ultra-luxury South Florida market, driven by recent price reductions. The buyer of the property remains unidentified.

Key Takeaways

  • The sale of the most expensive home in Palm Beach for $152 million represents the highest residential sale this year in Florida.
  • Originally listed for $218 million, the sale reflects a 30% discount off the asking price.
  • The 2.3-acre private island estate includes 11 bedrooms, 15 bathrooms, and features such as a tennis court, two docks, and a wellness wing.
  • Glaser and partners purchased the property for $85 million in 2021, engaging in renovation and expansion of the estate.
  • The sale contributes to the surge in ultra-luxury residential sales in South Florida, driven by substantial price reductions.


The record-breaking sale of a spec home in Palm Beach for $152 million highlights the robust ultra-luxury residential market in South Florida, despite a 30% discount from the original listing price. The reduced prices and exclusive properties such as this 11-bedroom mansion are attracting wealthy buyers, likely from the US and abroad, to the area. In the short term, this trend will benefit both real estate developers and service providers in the region. However, it may also contribute to increasing property prices and wealth inequality in the long run, prompting the need for close monitoring by organizations, including anti-poverty advocates and local governments.

Did You Know?

  • Ultra-luxury South Florida market: This refers to the high-end real estate market in the South Florida region, encompassing areas like Palm Beach, Miami, and Fort Lauderdale, known for their exclusive properties and high-value sales. In recent years, the ultra-luxury market in South Florida has experienced heightened activity due to factors such as favorable tax laws, a desirable lifestyle, and increased interest from international buyers.
  • 30% discount off the asking price: In real estate, a discount off the asking price denotes the variance between the original list price of a property and the final sale price. In this instance, the $152 million sale price represents a 30% reduction from the original asking price of $218 million. Discounts are frequently employed as a negotiation tactic to attract buyers and finalize deals, particularly in a buyers' market or when a property has lingered on the market for an extended period.
  • Wellness wing: A wellness wing is a designated area within a residential property designed to enhance physical, mental, and emotional well-being. These wings typically incorporate features such as fitness centers, spas, meditation rooms, and other amenities that promote relaxation, exercise, and self-care. In the context of the Palm Beach property, the wellness wing is likely an upscale addition contributing to the home's overall value and appeal to health-conscious buyers.

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