Roche CEO Criticizes Switzerland's Tax Policy

Roche CEO Criticizes Switzerland's Tax Policy

Lukas Müller
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Roche Holding AG CEO Criticizes Switzerland's Adoption of OECD Minimum Tax

In a recent statement, Thomas Schinecker, CEO of Roche Holding AG, expressed criticism towards Switzerland's decision to adopt the OECD minimum tax, stating that it could impact the country's competitiveness compared to low-tax regions such as Dubai, China, and India. This comes as Roche reported a 6% decline in Q1 sales, attributed to the strength of the Swiss franc and reduced revenue from COVID-19 tests and treatments. The implementation hurdles of the OECD minimum tax agreement further complicate the situation for businesses in Switzerland.

Key Takeaways

  • Roche Holding AG CEO Thomas Schinecker criticizes Switzerland's adoption of OECD minimum tax.
  • Schinecker calls for Switzerland to maintain competitiveness with low-tax countries like Dubai, China, and India.
  • Challenges include Switzerland's high franc and strict data protection laws, affecting companies in the country.
  • Roche's Q1 sales decreased by 6%, attributed to the strong Swiss franc and reduced revenue from COVID-19 tests and treatments.
  • OECD-led minimum tax agreement implementation faces hurdles in various countries.


Thomas Schinecker's criticism highlights Switzerland's struggle to maintain competitiveness with low-tax regions, potentially impacting the economy and tax revenue. This move could foster a more level playing field for multinationals and discourage tax base erosion. Other low-tax countries may benefit from this situation as companies consider relocation.

Did You Know?

  • OECD minimum tax: The OECD aims to establish a global minimum tax rate for multinational corporations to prevent tax avoidance.
  • Thomas Schinecker (Roche Holding AG CEO): Schinecker's recent statement reflects concerns over Switzerland's competitiveness compared to low-tax regions.
  • Switzerland's competitiveness and low-tax regions: The adoption of the OECD minimum tax raises concerns over Switzerland's ability to retain multinational corporations given the lower tax rates in competing countries. This is significant for companies like Roche Holding AG facing sales declines.

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