Russia's Strategic Forces Maintain Combat Readiness

Russia's Strategic Forces Maintain Combat Readiness

Anastasia Ivanova
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Russia's Putin Vows Combat Readiness and Rejects Exceptionalism Claims

On May 9, 2024, Russia commemorated the 79th anniversary of victory in the Great Patriotic War with a military parade in Red Square. During the event, President Vladimir Putin declared that Russia's strategic forces would maintain "combat readiness" to prevent global conflict and rebuff any exceptionalism claims from other nations. He also cautioned against threats to their sovereignty and accused Western countries of "stirring conflict" and "spreading historical nihilism."

Key Takeaways

  • Russian strategic forces will remain in a state of "continuous combat readiness" to deter threats to sovereignty.
  • Putin rejected any exceptionalism claims and emphasized preventing global conflict.
  • Russia is prepared to resist any threats to its nation, with their strategic forces at battle readiness.
  • Putin accused Western nations of spreading conflict and historical nihilism in other regions.
  • He cautioned against distorting the truth about World War II, hindering policies based on deceit and falsehoods.


Russia's announcement of continuous combat readiness aims to deter perceived threats to sovereignty, potentially escalating tensions with Western nations and impacting diplomatic relations, economic cooperation, and global security initiatives. It could lead to increased military spending, stricter border controls, and heightened cybersecurity measures. In the long term, this development might polarize the international landscape and impact organizations such as NATO, the EU, and the UN, as well as financial markets due to geopolitical uncertainty.

Did You Know?

  • Combat Readiness: It refers to the state of readiness of a military force to engage in warfare at a moment's notice.
  • Exceptionalism Claims: This phrase refers to the assertion that a country, alliance, or entity is exceptional and not subject to the same rules as others.
  • Historical Nihilism: Putin's accusation of Western nations spreading historical nihilism suggests intentional manipulation of history for political gains.

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